EMQ Proclamation vs Social Action: A Symposium Vol 48 No 3 July 2012

260    A Second Look: Remembering (and Learning from) Unsung Heros
By Gary Corwin
362     Excellence in Missions: Best Practices from Missio Nexus
From Adoniram Judson to Missio Nexus: Celebrating Two Hundred
Years of North American Missions
By Bradley A. Coon

Adjusting Missionary Methods to Today’s Realities
By Marvin J. Newell
370    Book Reviews

264     The Bad Question of Proclamation vs. Social Action: A Symposium
By Mark Long, Raphael Anzenberger, Christopher L. Heuertz, Bryant L. Myers, and Rose Dowsett
Long insists that the question as to whether proclamation or social action is more important  needs to be set aside once and for all. Anzenberger, Heuertz, Myers, and Dowsett respond.

274    By Suffering and Blood: God’s Mission in Contexts of Persecution and Martyrdom  By Abhijit Nayak
Suffering and martyrdom have strengthened, extended, and purified the Church and attracted non-believers to the Christian faith. Nayak looks at India as an example of church growth through persecution.

284    Esther as a Model for Doing Mission without Mentioning God
By Lee Beach
The Book of Esther reminds us that even when God’s name is absent, mission can still take place. Our commitment  to living with missional intentionality through thoughtful cultural engagement is a powerful tool of proclamation.

292    Unheard Voices in the  “Son of God”  Debate: The History of Christian
Muslim Encounter By Charles L. Tieszen
Historical voices remain curiously absent from many modern discussions about using the term “Son of God.” The author uses Theodore Abu Qur­ rah, a ninth-century native of Edessa and Orthodox bishop of Harran, as an example of how early church leaders viewed the debate.
302    Cross-cultural Evangelism & Short-term Missions: How Do We
Do It Well?  By Phil Thornton
There are key questions which must be asked when considering cross-cultural evangelism.

310    Young Evangelicals & Financial Giving: Is There Hope for the Future of Missions? By Lynn 0. Cooper, Drew Melby, Adam Mowery,  Rachael Burlingame
One study of undergraduate students shows that financial giving is alive and well among young evangelicals.

322    Reaching Thailand in this Generation: The Thai Church’s National Plan
By Yuttasak Sirikul and Randy Wollf
God is using six internal factors within the Church to push Thailand toward a spiritual tipping point: prayer, unity, research, evangelism, strategic focus, and supportive accountability.

332     Healthy Reentry: The Shared Responsibility of Missionary Care
By Thomas Kimber
Healthy reentry is the shared responsibility of the missionaries, mission agency, and local church. Each has a unique role to play in reestablishing returned missionaries.

342    Life Skills & Assessing New  Candidates
By Naomi Singer
A lack of life skills can hinder ministry. Singer shares case studies and scriptural examples of why “spiritual qualities” are not enough for Christian workers to be successful.

350     Applied Theology: A Case Study  of the  Dagara  & Polygamy
By Andy Johnson
Johnson explains why a recent movement-wide investigation into Dagara Christian marriage ceremonies is an example of a young church movement stretching and beginning to outgrow  its missionaries.

356    The One-Story Missionary: On Technology,Communications, and Authenticity
By Ken Wade
As technology has advanced, the age of being able to have separate identi­ ties at home and on the field has ended. Missionaries now need to know how to serve with one life story.


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