Catholic Bible Quarterly Vol 74, No. 3 July 2012

445-464    On Vomiting: Leviticus, Jonah, Ea(a)rth
Brent A. Strawn
465-475    Gideon’s House as the   A Proposal for
Reading Jotham’s Fable
David Janzen

476-491    Debating Wisdom: The Role ofVoice in
Kyle R. Greenwood

492-508    Raphael the Liar: Angelic Deceit and Testing in the Book of Tobit
Geoffrey D. Miller

509-527    Time for Figs, Temple Destruction, and Houses of Prayer in Mark 11:12-25
J. R. Daniel Kirk

528-547    Is Luke’s Version of the Parable of the Rich Fool
Reflected in the Coptic Gospel of Thomas?
John  P. Meier

548-567    Forensic-Retributive Justification in
Romans 3:21-26: Paul’s Doctrine of Justification in Dialogue with Hebrews
Benjamin  J. Ribbens

568-626    Book Reviews
Joan  E. Cook, S.C., and Amy-Jill Levine

627-643    Collected Essays.

644-648    Books Received


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