Expository Times Vol 123 No 11 August 2012

William W. Emilsen, The  New  Atheism and Islam                    521

Chloe Lynch,  In 1 Peter 5:1-5, who are the              529
and what is said about their role?

Book of the Month                                541
Edward J. Woods
Deuteronomy David Allen

Worship Resources
Sermons  for the Christian Year
Russell Barr, 2″d September: Proper 17                             544
Amy E. Richter, 9 117   September: Proper 18                    546
Robert Jeffery, 16117  September:  Proper 19                    548
Derek Browning, 2Jrd September: Proper 20                    550
Marilyn Parry, 30117  September: Proper 21                    552
Donald  McCorkindale, All-Age Worship  Resources  for September            554

Book  Reviews                                              558
Index of Books  Reviewed                            570
Richard Holloway, And  Finally…Failure         572


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