Journal of Evangelism and Missions Vol. 11 Spring 2012

1.   This or That? The Tension between Two Mandates in
Christian Mission by David Allen Bledsoe
9.   Meeting Human Needs and Proclaiming the Gospel: A Growing and Often Polarizing Trend in Missions Today by J. Jeffrey Palmer
22.   Word and Deed as Effective Mission Strategy by Pat
34.   God’s Gas Station:The Mission Arlington® Story by Jim
Burgin and Tillie Burgin
44.   A God Thing: An Ordinary Preacher Follows an Extraordinary God to Reach the Least of These by Charles Roesel and Samuel Smith
56.   Evangelism and Social Ministries at New Hope Baptist
Mission by John Rech
70.   Love One Another, as I Have Loved You by Barbara Akins
81.   Ministry-Evangelism and Growth in New York by Ray
90.   Vance Houston Havner October 17, 1901- August 1,
1986 by Bob Pitman
102. Teaching Them to Obey: The Great Commission  and
Discipleship  by Chuck Lawless
116. Book Reviews


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