TIME Vol 18, No. 4

2  Editor’s Desk
5 Verbatim
6 LightBox Libya’s historic elections World Tomb raids in Timbuktu; violence swells in Afghanistan
10 Nation Mark Halperin on Mitt’s engaged donors
13 White House Memo Obama as retail politician
14 Economy Jobs and women
16  Health & Science
Global warming: Do you feel it now?
17  Milestones So long, Andy Griffith and Ernest Borgnine
18 The Curious Capitalist
Rana Foroohar on the London banking crisis
20 Worldview
Fareed Zakaria on a bipartisan growth agenda

22 The Insidious Enemy
Why the Pentagon is losing the war against military suicide
by Mark Thompson and Nancy Gibbs

32 Definite Particle
Why a few trillionths of a second created a global thrill-and what the Higgs boson
means for our future
Jeffrey Kluger

36  The Syrian Arms Race
Inside the Russian weapons bazaar that is powering Syria’s regime
Simon Shuster

40  You Don’t Get Fries With That
How Chipotle is using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to compete in the fast-food market
Joel Stein

48 Pop Chart
Tom Cruise marriage math. Also: Paris couture
50 Movies
How Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman clawed into The Dark Knight Rises
54 Music
A young R&B star’s new album thrives on a spirit of full disclosure
56 Sports
Why batters are striking out more
58 The Awesome Column
Joel Stein on what the Higgs boson means for him
60 10 Questions Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek


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