WORLD Vol. 27 No 15

Outside the camp
Egypt’s minority Christians, already shut out
of mainstream life and politics, fear more legal-and perhaps violent-forms of oppression under the newly elected Muslim Brotherhood government

The organization man
John Roberts is a product of esteemed institutions, and his attachment to the “institution” of the Supreme Court may explain his controversial healthcare ruling

Winning against wildfires
Colorado Springs faces hundreds  of homes and millions of dollars lost to the
record-breaking Waldo Canyon fire, but with a renewed spirit of togetherness

Noxious or neighborly?
Many of us know about pawnshops only from
television, film, and suite-level depictions of all pawnbrokers as “predators.”  The street-level reality is more complex, and the best place to find out is a pawnshop
center, New York City

Hope in the heartland
2012 compassion award: Our Midwest  region winner balances discipline and grace


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