Christian Century Vol 129, No 15 July 2012

6   Sin and universalism

7     Green Light for Health Care
The Editors: What the Affordable Care Act does

8     CenturyMarks
Church for strangers, etc.

10     The wrong debate
Steve Thorngate: It’s not about the size of government

12    Humbled
Paul J. Wadell:  Escaping the universe of pride

22    Hungry farmers
Roger Thurow: The challenges of African agriculture

25    Mobilizing GS on food
Amy Frykholm: A complicated  vision

28    Blessed and dangerous
Ralph C. Wood: The conscience of John Henry Newman

14    How many winners in health-care ruling?; Donations to faith groups decline for second year; Southern Baptists approve alternate, unofficial name

34   Books
John G.Turner: Conceived in Doubt, by Amanda Porterfield
Randall Balmer: Embattled Ecumenism, by Jill K. Gill
J.Todd Billings: The Missional Church in Perspective,
by Craig Van Gelder and Dwight J. Zscheile

40    Music
Lou Carlozo:Wrecking Ball, by Bruce Springsteen, etc.

42    TV
Jason Byassee: Game of Thrones

44    Film
Steve Vineberg: To Rome  with Love and Prometheus

47    Art
Lois Huey-Heck: Peace, by Carmen Phillipe-Welton

3    Editor’s Desk
John M. Buchanan: Respectfully diverse
20, 21  Living by the Word
Joshua Carney

33  Faith Matters
M. Craig Barnes: After adoption
45   American Soundings
Rodney Clapp: In-flight disciplines

Philip Kolin: Creation
Melissa Weaver:The watcher
Tania Runyan: Count it all as loss

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