Christianity Today Vol 56 No 7 July/August 2012

11    Spotlight Exorcist Survey
12    Gleanings
14    Headlines
Diversifying adoptions as supply shrinks.
Mixed views on the Vanderbilt veto.
Early Israelite city defines David and Solomon.
Childproofing churches after daycare drowning.
In Depth Syrian Christians seize chance for reconciliation.

22    A Tale of Two Scientists
Tim Stafford How two evangelicals-one a young-earth creationist, the other an evolutionary creationist-have lived out their faith and professions.
34    Marco Rubio’s Faith of Many Colors
Interview by SArah Pullman Bailey The Florida senator’s religious background has taken different hues, but he knows how it translates into policy.
38    The Gospel Is More Than a Story
Leslie Leyland Fields Maybe all the rage over the Bible-and ourselves-as grand narratives isn’t such a good idea.
44    The Other Iranian Revolution
Matthias Pankau & Uwe SIEMoN-NETTo In ‘godless’ eastern Germany, Iranian refugees surprise pastors with their interest in Christianity.
48    Rejoicing in the Wrath
Trevin Wax Why we look forward to judgment Day.
52    Finding Jesus at Burning Man
Phil Wyman How God made himself known at one hedonistic gathering.
58    The Problem with ‘Incarnational Ministry’
J. Todd Billings What if our mission is not to ‘be jesus’ to other cultures, but to join with the Holy Spirit?
64    Moore Than Enough
Mark Moring Basketball star Maya Moore brings style and grace to the U.S. Olympic women’s team.
70    Fading from the Family Portrait
Andrew Root Nullifying a family through divorce calls children’s very existence into question.
74    Gospel Goes Global
Elissa Cooper Soul Children choirs are popping up in unexpected places.

81    Where We Stand
More than a Legal Issue
82    The Village Green
Douglas Wilson, Lisa Velthouse, and Russell Moore debate whether churches should fly Old Glory during worship.
84    Stones to Bread Leslie Leyland Fields reveals the cosmos’s best-kept secret.
86    Past Imperfect David Neff on the hymns that haunt us.
89    Joseph Loconte’s The Searchers Amy Julia Becker: My Top son Special Needs Christine Dillon’s Telling the Gospel Through Story
94    Interview: Richard Mouw on Mormonevangelical talks
95    Music Two minutes with Sonny Sandoval The Welcome Wagon’s Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices
104    Who’s Next NASCAR’s Blake Koch takes ·”. a lap-and a stand-for Jesus.

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