Expository Times Vol 123, No 12 September 2012

Stephen H. Webb, The Chicken and the Bathwater:  Exploring  a Basic Limit to the Vegetarian Ideal    573

James Yu, Understanding  Joshua 10.12-14 in its Context            581

Martin  Down,  Exegetical Note on Matthew  25.31-46:  The  Parable of the Sheep and the Goats        587

Book of the Month                    590
T. Burke
De infantia  Iesu evangelium Thomae – graece  
Paul Foster

Worship  Resources
Sermons  for the Christian Year
Chris Knights, 7th  October:  Proper 22            593
Karin Scheiber, 14th October:  Proper 23         595
Alan Le Grys, 21st October:  Proper 24             598
Eric McKimmon,  28th  October:  Proper 25        600
Ken Fronde,  All-Age Worship  Resources  for October    603

Book  Reviews                                     606
Index of Books  Reviewed                   622
John  Eldridge, And Finally…                624

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