Leadership Vol 33 No 3 Summer 2012

22-A Life to Die For
Sanctification, theologically and spiritually, is a matter of life and death (but not in that order).
by John Ortberg

27-Cultivating Growth
Six leaders  describe  how they foster transformation in others.
by Sean Gladding,Dan Kimball, Jason Johansen,Ray Lubeck, Domani Pothen,Merrill Powers

30-How to Spot a Transformed Christian
12 outward signs of the inner reality.
by Gordon MacDonald

35-Emotional Stability
You ll never grow up if you aren’t willing to examine your inner  life.
An interview with Peter Scazzero

39-The Big Reveal
One church’s challenge to engage the Bible led to spiritual florescence  in the lives of its members.
by Guy Conn, with Paul Pastor

42-Conversation Skills that Transform
Four ways to practice “pastoral presence” and guide deep change.
by Kevin A. Miller

47-Coming Clean
Confession is good for your soul­ and the souls of those you lead.
by Max Lucado

52-When Clean and Unclean Touch
Jesus’ revolutionary reversal  puts transformation within  reach.
by Mark  Buchanan

57-Another Path of Jesus
Walking the way of Jesus has meant embracing my Native American  heritage..
by Richard Twiss

72-You Gotta Be There
What Special Forces chaplains have learned about the ministry of presence.
by Marshall Shelley

77-What Happened to Singles Ministry?
Today the best thing for singles is not a singles-only ministry.
by Adam Stadtmiller

83-How to Score a Sabbatical
When I first  requested one,I was rebuffed. Here’s what I’d do differently.
by Greg Asimakoupoulos

87-The  New Monk Warriors
A ministry emerged out of the Texas desert to redirect the lives of college students.
by Greg Taylor

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