TIME Vol 185, no 5 2012

2 Editor’s Desk
7 Verbatim
8 LightBox
The drought’s grim harvest
10World A sudden schism in Israel; a power move in North Korea
12 Nation
Money shots: attack on Romney’s wealth
13 Economy Bye, America: ditching citizenship for cash
14 Health & Science
New pills for HIV and obesity
15 Milestones Encyclopedia Brown’s maker meets the end
16 Viewpoint Jon Meacham on God, gays and inclusion
17 The Curious Capitalist
Rana Foroohar on Yahoo and the feminization of tech
19 In the Arena
Joe Klein on the real problem with Romney and Bain
20 Third Time’s Charm
London shows a sparkling new side for the GAmes’ return
Nancy Gibbs
26 Trivia Tube
From Shakespeare to sheepdogs, an Underground map of London Olympic facts
30 No Choke
Lolo Jones’ tallest hurdle is the memory of her 2008 letdown
Sean Gregory
40 Rivalries to Watch
Head to head and toe to toe
Alice Park
48 Good Sports, Bad Sports
Winning hearts and losing ugly throughout history
Megan Gibson
52 The Fittest and Fastest
How winners train for pain
Bill Saporito
60 Heavy Medal
How China finds great athelets
Hannah Beech
66 Swim Jump and Runway
The secrets of Olympic style
70 Double Backflip
To chase her dream, Gabby Douglas swapped coaches and families
Alice Park
78 Spirit of ’48
Legends of the last Londgon Games look back
84 Wrestling for the Enemy
Russian’s Chechen Olympians
Simon Shuster
90 Rising Daughters
Japan’s 2011 heroines are back
Krist Mohr
Odds and Sods
The ultimate curiousities of the Games

98 Pop Chart
Old Spice vs. Taco Bell; which Olympic outfit takes the gold?
100 Profile Screenwriter-starlet Zoe Kazan
103 Movies In the mesmerizing The Dark Knight Rises,
American greed is the villain
104 Education A video series aims to make “stay in school” go viral
107 Tuned In Spoiler alert: spoilers don’t spoil anything
110 Art In this show, beauty is truthiness
112 IThe Awesome Column Joel Stein learns why the Olympic vaulting squad wouldn’t touch him with a giant pole

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