Christianity Today Vol. 56 No. 8

16    Headlines
Health-care ruling could hit charities.
Eastern church loses evangelical ties. Christian graduates shun national service in Nigeria.
Homeless ministries restricted.
Christian educators reach closed nations

24    Meanwhile, Love the Sojourner
KATHYN BEATY    SKYE JETHANI    PhoeniX Christians are helping illegal immigrants as they wait for the economy-and the law-to change.
Plus  Phoenicians You Should Know

32    What’s His Is Ours
SARAH HINLICKY WILSON  Christ’s righteousness belongs to those who receive by faith God’s promise of forgiveness

36    The Second Coming Christ Controversy
TEO OLSEN and KEN SMITH   David Jang has become an increasingly influential figure in evangelicalism. But many say his followers believe he’s the ‘Second Coming’ Christ.’ Is there any truth to the allegations

48    A New Age of Miracles
TIM STAFFORD  Around the world, wherever churches are growing, reports of the miraculous are rampant. What do they mean?

42    ‘God’s Double Agent’
INTERVIEW BY  TIMOTHY C. MORGAN  One-time atheist and nOW head  Of ChinaAid, Bob Fu believes China may soon have one of the largest populations of Christians worldwide.

56    Getting to Know Him
Philip Harrod    Catechesis at its best is a very personal ‘school of faith.’

60    Caught Between the Spouse and the Spirit
DEBORAH SWERDLOW    Brazilian women find support and new roles at charismatic churches. Their husbands don’t like it. Whom will they choose?

64     What Galileo’s Telescope Can’t See
JAMES K. A. SMITH     There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in contemporary understandings of science and faith.

73    Where We Stand The Evangelical Jesus Prayer

74    The Village Green
Stephen Mansfield, Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, and Richard Mouw vote on supporting a Mormon for President.
76    Wrestling with Angels
Carolyn Arends samples the soup.
78    Contra Mundum
Timothy George remembers Colson’s prophetic  voice

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