Christianity Today Vol 56 No. 9 Oct. 2012

Debunking junk        34
Researchers are showing that the old Darwinian ideas about “junk” DNA were simplistic. Welcome to the new genome.

Social convention     40
The Democratic National Convention revealed the heart and soul of the party, and it has little to do with economics. Will top priorities-free contraception, redefining marriage, and promoting abortion-continue to get top billing?

Blocking the shots     48
Many homeschoolers are taking unnecessary risks by withholding common vaccines from their children

Wreckage by night     52
Destruction of a Moscow church is a new sign of Putin-era repression

50 Women You Should Know    22
We asked key leaders which Christian women are most profoundly shaping the evangelical church and North American society. This is who they picked.

The Bonds of Freedom        34
There is a paradox in the Christian understanding of what it means to be free.

The Choice            40
Offered his dream job in the United States, Ajith Fernando opted to stay in war-torn Sri Lanka, a decision that has made all the difference for the cause of Christ.

The Yes and No of Healing    46
What are we to make of people who experience inner healing and then revert to their old ways?

The Regnerus Affair        50
The embattled sociologist talks to CT about the controversy over his study of homosexuality and parenting.

Love Isn’t Easy            54
When roughnecks descend on an oil boomtown, Christians find the gift of hospitality strains their vision for ministry.

Christian Century Vol 129 no 20 Oct. 3, 2012

6    Letters
Gospel words

Presidential Fixation
7    The Editors: Beyond Obama and Romney

8    CenturyMarks
Jesus’ complexion,  etc.

10    The Good Grain
Jon Magnuson: Restoring  wild rice in the North

11    Soup night at the bar
Martha Bayne: The rules are simple

13     Tender Ministry
Carol Howard Merritt: Response to a betrayal

22    Worship without  walls
Benjamin M. Stewart: Taking liturgy  to the streets

26 Church, state and punk
John P. Burgess: The Pussy Riot  protest

30    Health care up close
Robert D. Francis: What  else the Affordable  Care Act does

14    ‘God talk’ and the Democrats;
Democrats add support for gay marriage to platform; Leader     of Nuns on the Bus calls GOP budget immoral

36    Barbara Melosh: The Unwanted Sound of Everything We
Want, by Garret Keizer
James Halteman: Beyond Our Means, by Sheldon Garon
Walter Brueggemann: The New Religious Intolerance,
by Martha C. Nussbaum

42    Media
Kathryn Reklis: Breaking  Bad

44        Music
Lou Carlozo: That’s Why  God Made the Radio,
by The Beach Boys

47        Art
Lil Copan: Courage 3.0 and King, by Tim Okamura

3        Editor’s Desk
John M. Buchanan: Serious faith

21  Living   by the Word
Kathy Wolf Reed

35    Faith Matters
Carol Zaleski: Synthetic immortality

45    Notes from the Global  Church
Philip Jenkins: Patriarchs of Babylon

12        Luci Shaw: Dancing in the cathedral
14      Tania Runyan: Ananias of Damascus
32        J. Barrie Shepherd:Worldly wisdom

America Baptist Quarterly Vol 29 Winter 2010 No. 4


Editorial Introduction …………………………………….. 191
John  C. B. Webster

A British  Baptist  Reflects  on  the Writing of History.  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .193
John Briggs

Why Baptist History Matters in Russia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .203
Alexander  Popov

Why Baptist  History Matters in Australia ……………………….. 215
Ken R. Manley

Research in Baptist History in Eastern Europe: Why? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  229
Toivo Pizzi

William  Carey and  the British  East India Company. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .245
Marina Ngursangzeli Behera

Telugu Baptist  Christianity: A Religion of the Marginalized. . . . . . . . . . . . .  262
James Elisha  Taneti

Psychology and Theology Vol 40 No 3 Sept. 2012

179  The Practice of Integration With Postmodern Therapies: Exploring the Use of
Ingram’s (1995) Model With Emotionally Focused Therapy I Kelvin F. Mutter

188  Redemptive Validity and the Assessment of Depression: Singing Songs to
Heavy Hearts I Stephen P. Greggo and Karyn Lawrence

199  Religious Involvement, Humility, and Change in Self-Rated Health
Over Time I Neal Krause

211  The Role of Spiritual Development in the Cross-Cultural Reentry Adjustment of Missionaries I Thomas R. Kimber

220   Called for Leadership: Psychological Type Profile of Leaders Within the Newfrontiers Network of Churches in the United Kingdom I Leslie J. Francis, Mandy Robbins, and Andrew Ryland

229   The Holy Spirit, Common Grace, and Secular Psychotherapy I Lydia Kim-van Daalen

240   Journal File
244   Featured Review
246   Reviewer for This Issue
247  Books Received

Journal for the Study of New Testament Vol 35 No 1 Sept. 2012

The Roll, the Codex, the Wax Tablet and the Synoptic Problem     3
John C. Poirier
Stylistic Levels in Hebrews  1.1-4 and John 1.1-18     31
Dan Nasselqvist
The Structure and Argument  of I   John     54
Matthew Jensen

Review Article

Marcion and the  Resurrection: Some Thoughts  on a Recent Book     74
James Carleton Paget

Evangelical Missions Quarterly Vol. 48 No. 4 Sept. 2012

388     Introducing Two New  Columns
By A. Scott Moreau and Laurie Nichols

392    A Second Look: Implications for  Missions from 1 Samuel 13 & 14
By Gary Corwin

488     Excellence in Missions: Confessions of a Seasoned Fundraiser
By Bill Dillon

494     Book Reviews

396     Searching  for  the  Indigenous Method
Kyle Faircloth
Our goal, as formed by scripture and shaped by culture, is to spend time making disciples who make disciples, plant­ ing churches that multiply, and training leaders who train leaders.

406     Releasing Indigenous Leaders: Empowerment vs. Enlistment
By Kelly Malone
By emphasizing the empowerment of national leaders,
we become more effective in multiplying not only leaders, but also believers and churches, and ultimately church­ planting movements.

416     How (Not) to Collaborate with a Majority World Church
By Richard L. Starcher
Collaboration in intercultural ministry can be improved
by considering three relational realities. The author uses a case study from Africa as an example.

426    Leading Virtually, or Virtually Leading? Exposing the Myths of Virtual Leadership
By Joanna Lima
While unpacking five myths about virtual leadership, the author offers practical wisdom for leaders engaged in distance leadership.

434         Field Leaders: Navigating  the Complexities of a Four-dimensional Role
By Ken Harder and Vicki Gascho
Field leaders typically navigate four dimensions in their roles: personal, organizational, stewardship, impact. The authors give guidance on how to address each of these.

446    Who Me? Reluctant Leadership and the Progressive Nature of God’s Call
By Warren Janzen
Looking at his own life and the life of the Apostle Peter, the author shares how we can prevent ourselves from becoming reluctant leaders and move forward as God calls us.

456     How Technology Is Transforming Bible Translation
By Roy Peterson and Gilles Gravelle
Rather than assume Bible translation can only be done
the way it has always been done, it is time to use Internet technology in new ways so people groups can complete Bible translations for themselves.

468     Short-term Missions Serving Long-term Efforts in Eastern Europe
By Edward L. Smither
A case study of how one group in Eastern Europe is using short-term teams to accelerate the impact of long-term ministry.

478    Why I am NOT a Missionary
By Larry Sharp
The author shares why terminology can be limiting and occasionally harmful-and why it may be time we shifted our thinking.

English Journal Vol 102, No. 1 September 2012

7   Call for Manuscripts
11   From the Editor Ken Lindblom
13   High  School Matters: What  Happens in Vegas … Ends Up in Your Classroom
Kay Parks Haas
16   High School Matters: Literacy Is More  Than Books and Pens
Anna J. Small Roseboro
18    EJ Extra
2011 Honor List: From Small-Town America to New Treatments of Old Myths  and Family Stories
Aileen Pace Nilsen, James Blasingame Jr., and Don l. F. Nilsen
98   Speaking My  Mind: Breaking Down  Literature  Boxes While  Traveling with  the Little Prince
Sharilyn C. Steadman
100  Speaking My Mind
A Billable Services List: Paying Teachers More  Like Doctors
Beth Aviv

27    EJ in Focus
Superman Is Dead: How  We Help Students Make  Sense of Literary Characters
Barry Gilmore
A student’s fascination with the Man  of Steel inspires this teacher and well-known author to ask three deep questions about how we can and should engage with characters in English class.

34    Making Characters Come Alive: Using Characters for Identification and Engagement
Jocelyn A. Chadwick
Alienation  and derived identity form the basis for several activities that can encourage adolescents to connect with works by Amy Tan, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zora Neale Hurston, and Sandra Cisneros.

40 The Quest of Father and Son: Illuminating Character Identity, Motivation, and Conflict in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road
Chris Gilbert
A post-apocalyptic  novel provides the impetus  for discussions of literature, love, and what people really need.

48  Challenging Characters: Learning to Reach Inward and Outward from  Characters Who Face Oppression
Betina Hsieh
Characters who face difficult circumstances-such as Anne Frank and characters from ‘Am I Blue?” and A Child Called “It”-inspire deep connections and increased reading skills.

52    How  to Live? What  We Can leam from Ivan llych’s  Death
Maryann Felps
Can the death of a 19th-century Russian bureaucrat  breathe life into 21st-century American  students?

57   Minds and Hearts: Using Jeannette Walls’s Memoir, The Glass Castle,
to Teach Emotional Intelligence
Andrea Irvin
A memoir of a dysfunctional  childhood inspires students in a high-poverty district to develop strength, empathy, and hope.

61   Odysseus Deconstructed: Crossing the Threshold into Critical Thinking
Emily Nicole Howell
Is Odysseus really a hero to today’s students? join this high school English teacher’s quest to.find out.
67   Teaching Classic literature with Comk Books and Virtual lit Trips
Nancy B. Sardone
Sardone’s suggested activities can really take students places!

71    Putting Characters First in a Middle  School Classroom
Amanda Sass-Henke
Technology-rich activities help this middle school teacher’s students develop the kinds of personal connections with Percy Jackson, White Fang, and others that she had with Nancy Drew and Scarlett O’Hara.

76   Most likely to Succeed: Seeking Self-Knowledge in the Company of Characters
Kate Ehrenfeld Gardoqui
Following this author’s innovative suggestions for studying characters may earn you Most Interesting Literature Teacher.

10   How Many Times Can You Teach Macbeth
N.C. Krim
47   Teaching the Iliad to Tenth Graders
Marilyn  Pryle

84   Mentoring Matters
Positioning Student Teachers  as Powerful Partners: Dancing without Bruised Toes
Melinda J. McBee Orzulak

88   Research for the Classroom
The Blue Glow from the Back Row: Live Theater and the Wireless Teen
John M. Richardson

92   Teaching Young Adult literature
Why Should We Have All the Fun? Encouraging Colleagues to Read YA
Novels across the Curriculum
Mike Roberts

96   Success with ELLs
Developing Collaborative Systems for Learning
Sarah Cacicio