Biblical Archaeology Review Sept/Oct 2012 Vol 38, No 5

30    Machaerus:Where Salome Danced and John the Baptist  Was Beheaded
Gyozo Voros
According to the Synoptic  Gospels, Herod  Antipas  had John  the Baptist imprisoned and killed at the request of the beautiful Salome. The historian Josephus locates  the event at the eastern citadel  of Machaerus. This palatial fortress east of the Jordan River sat at the heart  of Judean defenses  under Herod  the Great. The  archaeological finds paint a clear picture  of this magnificent site’s colorful but bloody history-from John the Baptist to the Jewish rebels of the First  Revolt.

42    Antipas-The Herod Jesus Knew
Morten Homing Jensen
He ordered John  the Baptist beheaded and  participated in the trial of Jesus. But who  was Herod  Antipas? This son and successor of Herod  the Great ruled  Galilee when  Jesus lived. What can archaeology tell us about this not-so-great Herod?

47    Did Eilat Mazar Find David’s Palace?
Avraham Faust
Archaeologist Eilat Mazar’s  excavation methods are beyond  reproach, but her recent  claim to have discovered King David’s palace at her Jerusalem dig site has met with  harsh criticism from other  scholars  in the field. Here, one senior  archaeologist reviews  the evidence to show why he agrees-and disagrees-with Eilat Mazar’s  theory.

53    Josephus vs.Jeremiah:The Difference Between Historian and Prophet
Avishai Margalit
In the first century C.E., during the First Jewish  Revolt, the Jewish  historian Josephus  urged his besieged countrymen in Jerusalem to surrender to the Romans. Half a millennium  earller the prophet Jeremial1did  the same thing with respect to the Babylonians. So what’s  the difference?

Should Israel Return the Tablets of the Law to Egypt?
6 Queries & Comments
10 Strata
Violence Ramps Up Against Israel’s Archaeological Sites
“Bethlehem” from IAA Dig Found by Archaeologist IAA Arrested
World’s Great Libraries Go Digital
Winged Goddess on Ring Found in Abandoned Hoard
Scholars Seek Amateur Assistance
BAR Scholarships Send Diggers to Biblical Sites
Goren Bars Students from Publishing in BAR
11    How Many?
11    The  Bible in the News
14    What  Is It?
14    Milestones
16    In Their Own  Words
18    In  History
22    Exhibit Watch
24    Cartoon Caption Contest

26    BIBLICAL  VIEWS How the Mother God Got Spayed
April  DeConick
Should Archaeology Be Used as a Source of Testable Hypotheses About the Bible?
Kevin  McGeough
58     Another View
Christopher Rollston’s Methodology of Caution
Yosef Garfinkel
60    Reviews
70    Authors
72    Worldwide


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