Christian Century Aug 2012, Vol 129 No. 17

6    Letters Moving down the ladder
7    Our Mormon neighbors
The Editors: Familiar yet strange
8    CenturyMarks
Dogma and disorder, etc.
10     Investing in change
Amy Frykholm:
Nora Nash, shareholder activist
11    Stimulus needed
Bruce P. Rittenhouse:
How to create jobs
13    Confessio
Brian Doyle: Things I’ve done
22     Visions of Zion
Patrick Q. Mason: Changes in Mormon social ethics
27    Essential books on Mormonism
Richard Lyman Bushman
28     The Bible plus
Kathleen Flake: The four books of Mormonism
32    Ministry in the 21st century
An interview  with Todd Friesen
14      Gun control  as a religious issue;
Catholic official jailed for sexual abuse cover-up;
Orthodox Church in America  ousts its leader;
Episcopal bishop says yes (and no) to gay blessings
38       Books
Edward J. Blum: The Book of Mormon. A Biography,
by Paul C. Gutjahr
Rebecca Barrett-Fox: Red State Religion, by Robert
Cindy Crosby: Some Assembly Required, by Anne Lamott with Sam Lamott
Bromleigh McCleneghan: The Leftovers, by Torn Perrotta

44       Film
Steve Vineberg: Take This Waltz and People Like Us
47       Art
Lois Huey-Heck:A Camel through the Eye of a Needle,
by Charles  McCollough

3         Editor’s Desk
John M.Buchanan: Gun madness
20,21   Living by the Word
Wallace W. Bubar
37       Faith Matters
Thomas  G. Long:The  absurd in worship
45       American Soundings
Rodney  Clapp:Snakes in the grass
34         Mary M. Brown: Altar flowers


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