Christian Century Sept 2012 Vol 129 No 18

7    Farm Bill Blues
The Editors: Bad news for reform

8    Century Marks
God in all places, overconfident  preachers, etc.

10    It looks like a wedding    Charles. Hefling:
The new Episcopal same-sex  rite

20    The gospel in seven words
Carol Zaleski, M. Craig Barnes and others:
Summing up the Christian message

26    The Power of Poetic Preaching
Elizabeth  Myer Boulton  and Matthew  Myer Boulton:
Protecting people with words

12    Sikhs remembered for piety, kindness;
Clergy urge Americans to defend religious minorities;
Missouri prayer amendment passes by wide margin; Nuns reject Rome      takeover, seek dialogue with bishops; Anti-Obama  black pastors group has conservative ties


32    Books
Grant Wacker: Bad Religion, by Ross Douthat
Jim Smucker: How the Church Fails Businesspeople (and
What Can Be Done About It), by John C. Knapp
Walter Brueggemann: Never Say Die, by Susan J Coby
Karl W. Giberson:Where the Conflict Really Lies, by Alvin Plantinga

42    Media
Jason Byassee:Sherlock

47     Art
Lil Copan: Beneath Within, by Sheila Mahoney Keefe

3     Editor’s Desk
John M. Buchanan: Good news in brief
18, 19  Living by the Word
Christopher A.Henry
31    Faith Matters
Stephanie Paulsell:Connections that last
45    Notes from the Global Church
Philip Jenkins: Jesus meets the Buddha


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