Dramatics Sept 2012 Vol 84 No 1

10 A passion for the work
By Don Corathers
EdTA’s executive  director reflects on her first year, and looks ahead

24    Moment to moment Photos by R. Bruhn et al. Interviews by james Palmarini, Don Corathers, and Harper Lee Highlights from the 2012 Thespian  Festival

37    Thespian Playworks Featuring plays by Beth Seeley and  Rachel Lepore
The first of this year’s crop of new student  plays

62    The Innovators: Tyrone Guthrie
By Michael Bigelow Dixon
A new installment in our series on individuals who changed  the theatre

5    A pair of Portland  performers  on life, death,  and papier-mache

18     NewYork
Seeing the past through the lens of the present
By Jeffrey Sweet

22    Strut and Fret
Thespians  raise $1 million for BC/EFA.


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