First Things Aug/Sept 2012 No 225

3     Defending Religious Liberty by R. R. Reno

8     Christian  societies, Materiality matters, etc.

17     Cordially, Richard John Neuhaus by Randy  Boyagoda
19     Yeshiva Lessons by Charles]. Chaput
22     The Holy Spirit Did Preside by Michael Novak

25     Unsustainable  Liberalism by Patrick]. Deneen
33     The Art of Liberty by Daniel]. Mahoney
35     Public Life Without  Political Theory by Paul]. Griffiths
39     Freedom by Association by Michael W. McConnell
45     Conscience and Coercion by Thomas Pink

53     A History of Violence by Robert Muchembled
reviewed by William T. Cavanaugh
56     Demonic Desires
by Ishay Rosen-Zvi
reviewed by Shalom Carmy
59     The Accordian  Family
by Katherine S. Newman
reviewed by Naomi  Schaefer Riley
62     The Map and the Territory
by Michel Houellebecq
reviewed by Santiago Ramos
64     Francis of Assisi
by Augustine Thompson
reviewed by Carlos Eire

66     Briefly Noted
While We’re At It
67     Colson, California, Arius, etc. by David Mills
The Back Page
72     Death the Stranger by David Bentley Hart
Min Chaobin  (p. 31), Brian Doyle (p. 38), A. M. Juster (p. 51)


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