Great Commission Research Journal Vol 4 No 1 Summer 2012

3    Introduction  Alan McMahan
6     The Impact of Church Age and Size on Turnaround
Gary L. Mcintosh
15    Sideways Leadership:Perceptions of the Senior Pastor’s Transformational Leadership Style and Its Relationship to Church Effectiveness
David D. Rumley
34    Closing Our Doors:Ten Reasons to Consider Why Your Church May Be in Trouble and What To Do
Danny R. Von Kane
43    In Search of the Healthy Church: A Meta-Ethnographic Study
Russell  Huizing
60    Identifying and Reaching Ethnic Groups in the City
Anthony Casey
76    Building Self-Replicating Core Teams for Church Planting
J.R. Miller
95    What Makes a Multi-Site Church One Church?
John S.Hammett
108    The Engagement of Newcomers in Church Attendance:
Theological and Case Study Research from Australia
Ian Hussey

Book reviews
120    Understanding Your Mormon Neighbor
by Ross Anderson
Reviewed by Travis S. Kerns
123    The Ethics of Evangelism: A Philosophical
Defense of Proselytizing and Persuasion
by Elmer John Theissen
Reviewed by Thomas P Johnston
127    Leading Small Groups with Purpose: Everything You Need to Lead a Healthy
Group by Steve Gladen
Reviewed by Robert L. Turner
130    The Post-Racial Church: A Biblical Framework
for Multiethnic Reconciliation by Kenneth A. Matthews
and M. Sydney Park
Reviewed by Stephen G Crouse
134    Here Today, There Tomorrow: Unleashing Your
Church’s Potential by Gary L. Mcintosh Reviewed by Robert Vajko

Dissertations and theses notices
138    “Examining the Relationship Between Leadership Behaviors of Senior
Pastors and Church Growth”-Author: William H. Burton, III
139    “Relationship Between Senior Pastors’ Attitudes Toward Organizational
Change and Church Growth Factors”-Author: Nicholas Alfred Natale
139    “The Relationship Between Pastoral Leadership Characteristics and
Church Size and Growth”-Author: David S. King
140        “The Decision-Making Ethos of Large, Growing Congregations Located in Metropolitan Areas of More Than One Million”­ Author: Rodney K. Stafford
141    “The Effect of Pastoral and Staff Leadership Training on the Growth of
the Southern African-American Church”-Author: Dwayne K. Pickett
142    “Leadership of Growing Churches: The Role of the Senior Pastor’s
Attributes and Leadership Practices”-Author: Paul W Steen
143    “The Effect of Transformational Leadership on Growth in Specialized
Non-Profit Organizations: Churches”-Author: Donald N. Knudsen


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