Journal of Creation Summer 2012 Vol 26 No 2

2    Kelp could  have produced abundant dropstones during the  Flood
Michael J. Oard
4     Mercury’s magnetic field  is fading fast­ latest spacecraft data confirm evidence for a young solar system
D. Russell  Humphreys
6     is Archaeopteryx a feathered dinosaur?
Michael J. Oard
8     Finch beaks point  to a Creator who provides
Jean K.  Lightner
10     Problems with  the  evolutionary interpretation of limb  design
Dominic Statham
11     Elasmosaurus? No, you goose …
Carl Wieland
12     Woolly and Columbian mammoths likely the  same species
Michael J. Oard

14     Just-so evolution story
Jerry Bergman
A review  of Anarchy Evolution:  faith,Science, and
Bad Religion in a World  Without God
by Greg Graffin and Steve Olson
17     Biology  well described, but  evolution hardly a fad
John Woodmorappe
A review  of The fact of Evolution
by Cameron M. Smith
20     Scientific orthodoxy, theological innovation
Daniel Davidson
A review of The Cambridge Companion to Science and  Religion
by Peter Harrison (Ed.)
25     Soft secularism is no solution
John K. Reed
A review of Worlds Before Adam: The Reconstwdion of Geohistory in the  Age  of Reform by Martin J.S. Rudwick
30     Did God  really communicate to man through the Bible?
Greg Demme
A review of Did Adam and Eve Really  Exist? Who They Were and  Why You Should  Care
by C. John Collins

36     A theological challenge to biblical creation
Lito Cosner
A review of Darwin,Creation and  the  Fall: Theological Challenges
by R.J. Berry and T.A. Noble  (Eds.)

38     Antelligent  Design  in  review
Daniel Davidson
A review of Intelligent Design  101 by H. Wayne House (Ed.)

42     Where is Noah’s Ark?-a doser look  at the  biblical clues
Anne Habermehl. Reply:  D. Russell  Humphreys

43     Is Darius, the king of Ezra 6:14-15, the same king as the Artaxerxes of Ezra 7:1? Brian Schuh.  Reply:  David Austin

45     Argon diffusion data support RATE’s
6,000-year helium age of the earth
Gary  H. Loechelt.  Reply: D. Russell Humphreys

50     Wisdom literature and the question of priority-Solomon’s Proverbs or Amenemope’s Instruction
Patrick Clarke

57     A new magnetic field theory and Flood model-part 1
Don Stenberg
63     A new magnetic field theory and Flood model-part 2
Don Stenberg

70     James Tour-leading scientist and Darwin skeptic
Jerry Bergman

73     An impact Flood submodel-dealing with issues
Michael  J. Oard

82     Evaluating potential post-Flood boundaries with biostratigraphy-the Pliocene/Pleistocene boundary
Marcus  R. Ross

88     An evaluation of codes more compact than the natural genetic code
Royal Truman

100   Three early arguments for deep time­ part 3: the ‘geognostic pile’
John  K. Reed  and Michael  J. Oard

110    Did the Nazis rewrite the Bible?
Russell Grigg

116    Terry Hamblin-creationist and path­breaking scientist
Jerry Bergman

120    Defining arguments away-the distorted language of secularism
Shoun Doyle


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