Psychology and Christianity Summer 2012 Vol 31 No 2

99    What (if Anything) Can Theologies Contribute to Psychologies of Love?. Introduction to the Special Issue
Alan  C. T]eltveit

100   The Emotional Core of Love: The Centrality of Emotion in Christian
Psychology and Ethics
Matthew Elliott

118    The Art  of Love: A Roman Catholic Psychology of Love
Craig Steven  Titus and  Philip Scrojani

130    Luther’s Psychology of Love
Aaron Preston  and David  B. Simpson

144    Love,  Wesleyan Theology, and Psychological Dimensions of Both
Thomas jay Oord

157    Loving God and Loving Others: Learning About Love  From
Psychological Science and Pentecostal Perspectives
Geoffery W. Sutton and  Martin W  Mittelstadt

167    Love in the Laboratory: Moving from Theology to Research
Richard Beck

175     Book Reviews
Rodney L. Bassett,  Editor


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