Review and Expositor Vol 109 No 3 Summer 2012

Prophetic Preaching

First Words
333    Prophetic Preaching
By LeAnn  Snow  Flesher,  Academic  Dean  and  Professor  of Old
Testament, American Baptist Seminary of the West at The Graduate
Theological Union,  Berkeley,  California, and  a member  of the
Editorial Board of Review & Expositor.

337    A Word From…
By R. Alan Culpepper, Dean, McAfee School of Theology, Mercer
University, Atlanta, Georgia.

343    A Word About Freedom to Learn
By G. Wade Rowatt,  Professor  of Pastoral  Care and  Counseling,
Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, Georgetown, Kentucky, and a member
of the Editorial Board of Review & Expositor.

349 Through Much Tribulation: Prophetic Preaching in an Age of Hopelessness
By Michael A. Smith is Pastor of McGee Avenue Baptist Church,
Berkeley, California.

365 Prosperity Gospel  and African American  Prophetic Preaching
By Debra J. Mumford,  Frank  H. Caldwell  Associate Professor  of
Homiletics, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Louisville,

387 Womanists  as Prophetic Preachers
By Donna E. Allen, Pastor  of New Revelation Community Church, Oakland, California and Lecturer of Preaching and Worship, Pacific School  of Religion  and  Adjunct Professor of New  Testament and Preaching, American Baptist Se1ninary of  the  West,  Berkeley,

397    WWLD? The Writer of Luke-Acts as a  Paradigm  for Pastoral  Prophetic Preaching
By Michael  Graves,  William  K. McElvaney  Professor  of Preaching, and Director of Continuing Education, Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas  City, Missouri

413 Speaking of Hope: Prophetic Preaching
By Sangyil  (Sam) Park, Associate Professor  of Preaching, American Baptist Seminary of the West,Berkeley, California, and Pastor, Albany United  Methodist Church, Berkeley, California

429    Unpacking Prophetic Preaching: The Pastor As Cultured Actor
By Allison  J. Tanner,  Minister of Christian Formation, Lakeshore
Avenue  Bap!ist Church, Oakland, California.

Expository Words
451    “Wake Up Sleeping Justice”: Luke 16:19-31
By J. Alfred Smith, Senior Distinguished Professor of Preaching and
Church Ministries, American Baptist  Seminary of The  West  and
Graduate Theological Union,  Berkeley, California.

459    A Call to Sanctified Resistance:  Revelation 21:1-6
By Keith  A.  Russell, Professor of  Ministry Studies, New  York
Theological  Seminary,  New York, New York.

465    Reclaiming the Reign  of God for the Poor:  Matthew 25:31-46
By Ingrid Roldan-Roman, an  American Baptist missionary to

473    Caution: Uncontainable Tongues  of Fire! (Acts 2:1-21)
By LeAnn Snow  Flesher, Academic Dean  and  Professor of Old Testament, American Baptist Seminary of the West at The Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California, and  a member of  the Editorial Board of Review & Expositor.

Words About Recent Books

483    Edited  by Robert  R. Ellis, Associate  Dean  and  Phillips  Professor  of
Hebrew and  Old Testament, Logsdon School of Theology, Hardin­
Simmons University,  Abilene, Texas.

493    Books Received
Books Reviewed


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