Christian Research Journal Vol 35 No 4 2012

“Be All Things to All People”: Surmounting Cultural Barriers in Presenting the Gospel to Muslims
Robert Scott
When Christians serve the Lord in Muslim-majority nations, it is expected that they take on some of their host culture’s behavior to help reduce barriers to people hearing the gospel. However, when Muslim people are in my country, don’t I have the right and freedom to
follow my own culture?

Is Dispensationalism Indispensable
by Steve Gregg
Many Christians today read Scripture through a theological paradigm that was unknown prior to the nineteenth century. This view, dispensationalism, introduced such concepts as the pre-tribulation rapture and third-temple Judaism in the millennium, but these eschatological novelties are not the most important differences between dispensationalism and historic Christian theology.
A feature-length

Did the Prophet Daniel Prophesy a Seven-Year Great Tribulation Period?
Hank Hanegraaff
The answer to the question  posed by this article’s title is yes. But the next question is: When did or will this Great Tribulation take place?

Evolution’s Achilles’ Heel?
by R. Scott Smith
Apologetics: Evolution is based on philosophical naturalism, and philosophical naturalism rules out God, souls, and all nonphysical reality a priori. Ah, but therein
lies evolution’s vulnerability

Could Environmentalism Become a Global Religion?
by Dan Story
Many Christians today assume that environmentalism, along with pagan nature  religions, is evolving into a global religious movement­ perhaps even the “one-world religion” allegedly described in Revelation 13:11-18. How realistic
is this scenario?

To Defend Marriage, We Should Learn a Lesson from Apologetics
Jay W. Richards

Never before in Western history has marriage been more in danger, as the media and cultural elites repeatedly assure us that same-sex marriage is
a matter of “marriage equality.” If we want to preserve marriage as a public institution, we must make persuasive counterarguments that appeal to widely held moral convictions.

Addressing the Emotional Problem of Evil (Why Christians Hope)
by Mary Jo Sharp
Many of us know people who, after experiencing or observing great suffering, lost their faith in God. If it is true that the emotional response to the problem of evil is the greatest challenge in apologetics, how can these people be reached?

We Get to Carry Each Other: Kierkegaard and U2 on Authentic Lov
Michael W. Austin
Rock star Bono and nineteenth century  Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard have surprising similarities.  Most notably, they both have profound, complementary insights to share  with us on the true nature  of love.


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