WORLD Vol 27 No 19 Sept 2012

40 Into the last laps
Inside the GOP’s final push for the White House: As Republicans try to fire up the grassroots, many of those activists find more motivation in opposing a failed president than in supporting the Republican nominee

Heading for a cliff Unless the House and the Senate can iron out their differences by the end of the year, a series of automatic tax hikes and spending cuts could bring the economy  into recession

52 Chinese multiplication
The legacy of Freddie Sun (1936-2012) is Bible schools that train leaders that grow house churches that reach across the country

58 Beyond the flowcharts
A ground-level look at charity clinics throughout the United States finds a thriving, but often ignored, subsection of American healthcare

62 Networks of care Formal and informal groups of healthcare providers are keeping the poor from missing the safety net

70 Calling the shots
Independent Christian clinics may soon have to decide whether to accept government funding. Is the price of federal money too high?


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