TIME Vol 180 No. 14

2 Editor’s Desk

5 Verbatim

6 LightBox
An anniversary of Antietam, the U.S.’s bloodiest battle

9 World
China and Japan feud; the Pope in Lebanon

10 Nation
Mark Halperin on the state of the presidential race

12 Tech
Kid-tracking apps

14 Health & Science
How to make football safer

15 Milestones An influential environmentalist dies

17 In the Arena Joe Klein on Mitt Romney’s imaginary electorate
15  Viewpoint
Evan Thomas on the upside of presidential aloofness
21 Tuned In
James Poniewozik on a waiter’s-eye view
of Romney
22 Moderates vs. Mobs
Why combatting extremism in the MIddle East is more important now than ever
by Fareed Zakaria
25 Coal, Hard Truths
Could his energy strategy cost Barack Obama the state of Ohio?
Michael Scherer
32 Crowdfunding Circuit
With direct public funding project, Kickstarter is changing start-up game
Harry McCracken
38 The Case for Optimism
Five areas in which the world is headed in the right direction
Bill Clinton
52 Pop Chart
All about emoticons; the world’s tallest dog
54 Art
A doozy of a show vaults Ken Price into the canon
56  Environment Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring is still mal(ing noise at so
58  Movies
End of Watch watch: L.A cops weigh in on a film that praises them
60 Movies
Emma Watson stars in a coming-of-age film that stands with John Hughes’ best
61 Religion
History vs. theology: a report contends that Jesus had a wife
62  The Awesome Column
Drool Britannia: Joel Stein on seeing the future Queen’s breasts
64  10 Questions Author Michael Chabon


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