Christianity Today Vol 56 No. 9 Oct. 2012

Debunking junk        34
Researchers are showing that the old Darwinian ideas about “junk” DNA were simplistic. Welcome to the new genome.

Social convention     40
The Democratic National Convention revealed the heart and soul of the party, and it has little to do with economics. Will top priorities-free contraception, redefining marriage, and promoting abortion-continue to get top billing?

Blocking the shots     48
Many homeschoolers are taking unnecessary risks by withholding common vaccines from their children

Wreckage by night     52
Destruction of a Moscow church is a new sign of Putin-era repression

50 Women You Should Know    22
We asked key leaders which Christian women are most profoundly shaping the evangelical church and North American society. This is who they picked.

The Bonds of Freedom        34
There is a paradox in the Christian understanding of what it means to be free.

The Choice            40
Offered his dream job in the United States, Ajith Fernando opted to stay in war-torn Sri Lanka, a decision that has made all the difference for the cause of Christ.

The Yes and No of Healing    46
What are we to make of people who experience inner healing and then revert to their old ways?

The Regnerus Affair        50
The embattled sociologist talks to CT about the controversy over his study of homosexuality and parenting.

Love Isn’t Easy            54
When roughnecks descend on an oil boomtown, Christians find the gift of hospitality strains their vision for ministry.


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