Christian Counseling Today Vol 19 Vol 3

13  Just One Click Away
by Josh McDowelL The shady world of Internet  pornography, cybersex, graphic imagery and sexual addiction  are now at epidemic levels. With  a single keystroke, today’s youth  remain among the most vulnerable according to cultural expert, Josh McDowell. Outlined  are five important steps to combat this growing threat

18 The Altered Self: Fantasy and Affairs
by Linda Mintle. The anonymity  of the online world can create havoc within  marital relationships, sometimes leading to affairs and divorce. Marriage and family therapist, Linda Minde,  discusses the pitfalls associated with many of these social networking sites and offers 20 guidelines to help protect couples.

25 The Digital Addiction Invasion
by Archibald Hart and Sylvia Frejd Relationships, life experiences, cultural dynamics and faith all help shape and mold us. Archibald Hart and Sylvia Frejd would add the technology revolution to that list. However, one disturbing  trend includes digital addictions and their aftermath. The authors examine diagnostic and treatment  considerations.

28 Examining the heart of Social Media: Let’s just be “Friends”
by Kevin Corsini.
The Internet  and various social media platforms are having a profound  effect on relational dynamics. Emerging technologies offer numerous benefits, but also come with potential risks. Kevin Corsini explores the impact of social media on intimacy and marriage

34 Online Gambling: Opening Pandora’s Box
by Gregory Jantz. The lure of a Las Vegas type adrenaline rush has not escaped the online world, and millions are now under the seductive influence of Internet gambling. Gregory Jantz shares current  research and statistics, typical client profiles seen within  this digital reality, and treatment strategies

38 Dating: Is Online Romance for You?
by Les and Leslie Parrott. Dating,  courting and romance are shedding some of their traditional features and steadily incorporating Internet-based  approaches. As with any environment, there are both advantages and pitfalls. Relationship specialists, Les and Leslie Parrott, discuss common  questions, cautionary tips and ways to keep the process spiritually balanced.

43 Remember When We Used to Talk? Social Media and the New Family Dynamic
by Chap and Dee Clark. As the foundational structure  of the family undergoes a metamorphosis,  the manner in which members communicate and connect is also being redefined. The realities associated with social media are here to stay. Chap and Dee Clark outline  two key considerations regarding how  to respond to these challenges.

46  What’s New in Therapy Apps?
by Mark McMinn.
Effectively tracking therapeutic outcomes is important in determining the efficacy of certain evidence-based approaches. Technology has provided the mental health community with new and innovative digital applications. Mark McMinn  discusses the development  of the holistic Christian Counseling Tracker as another  helpful tool for clinicians.

48 The eCounseling World: The Changing Face of Mental Health
by Eric Scalise. The future of online therapy is here and the next generation is already wired into the vast array of digital options. Eric Scalise shares the strengths of this developing trend, challenges
and necessary adjustments  for clinicians, and marketing strategies to help ensure success

52 Trending Online: A look into the Growth and Development of Liberty University’s Counselor Education Programs
by Ron Hawkins.
Distance education  has exploded onto the academic scene and now accounts for one of the fastest growing segments of undergraduate  and graduate programs. Practical tips and lessons learned from the phenomenal success of Liberty University are shared by Vice Provost, Ron Hawkins.

55 Gamer Generation: Facts and Figures
by Gary Foster. The  cyber revolution has not only filtered down into social media, academic, business and entertainment environments,  but also expanded into online gaming. The statistics illuminate some interesting trends and Gary Foster provides a snapshot of the typical user and what this means for a growing industry.


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