WORLD Vol 27 No 21

32 What they believe
The United States has had presidents from unorthodox religious groups before, and after the election it will again: Mitt Romney and Barack Obama court religious voters though both come from traditions far from Christian orthodoxy

37 Splintering bloc
Romney hopes Jews, usually an overwhelmingly Democratic constituency, will enter voting booths in November with
the Middle East in mind. The prime minister  of Israel hopes so too.

40 Up for grabs
Asian-Americans could be key voters in a close election, and they’ve proven to be open to Republican ideas. But Mitt Romney will have to make an effort to get their votes

43 Old reliables Millennials and African­ Americans, two groups hardest hit by Obama-era
recession and unemployment, are (mostly) sticking with the president.

44 Vote your priorities
Megachurch pastor Tony Evans criticizes Democratic positions on family and Republican spirit on limited government

46 There to serve
Shaped by his mother, his mentor, and his faith, Congressman Tim Scott has broken barriers in seeking public:service

50 Beating the system
For the first North Korean to receive asylum in the United States under a 2004 human­ rights law, a life of freedom comes through danger and cost, attended by miracles.

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