Catholic Bible Quarterly Vol 74 No. 4

Resisting Dehumanization: Ruth, Tamar, and the
Quest for Human Dignity
L. Juliana M. Claassens

675-693    When Does Translation Become Exegesis? Exodus 24:9-11 in the Masoretic Text and the Septuagint
Eric John Wyckoff, S.D.B.

694-711    The Teraphim in Light of Mesopotamian and
Egyptian Evidence
Shawn W. Flynn

712-737    The Structural Elegance of Matthew 1-2: A Chiastic Proposal
Vincent A. Pizzuto

738-752    “Apostolic Irresistibility” and the Interrupted Speeches in Acts
Joshua D. Garroway

753-772    “Standard of Faith” or “Measure of a Trusteeship”?
A Study in Romans 12:3
John K. Goodrich

773-786    Biblical News

787-838    Book Reviews
Joan E. Cook, S.C., and Amy-Jill Levine

839-866    Collected Essays
867-871    Books Received

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