Dramatics Vol 84 No 2

Making magic        5
By Harper Lee
EdTA event  raises  money for Thespian scholarships

The story of stories    18
By Stacy Sims
Why they  matter,  and  other  tales

The elements of craft    26
By Bruce Miller
The  first part  of a new  acting series

Thespian Playworks           37
Featuring plays by I. B. Hopkins and Natasha Sowka

At large               9
Into the woods, twice
By jeffrey Sweet

Strut and Fret     14
The annual play survey

First Things Oct. 2012 No. 226

3     Rewriting the Social Contract by R. R. Reno

8     God will judge, Reformation debates, etc.

16     Southern  Baptists’ Long Journey by Timothy George
18     Honest Sex Science by Stanton  L. Jones and Mark  A. Yarhouse
20     A Mandate to Disobey by Thomas Joseph White  and R. R. Reno

23     Thirteen Theses on Marriage by Douglas Farrow and Others
33     2012 Supreme Court  Roundup  by Richard W. Garnett
41     The Biblical Case for Limited Government by Yoram Hazony
47     Human Unity Real and Imagined     by Pierre Manent

53     Frans;ois Fenelon by Peter Gorday
reviewed by Ephraim  Radner
55     Bad Religion by Ross Douthat
reviewed by Harry S. Stout
58     Retrieving Nicaea by Khaled Anatolios
reviewed by William Harmless
60     Pity the Beautiful by Dana Gioia
reviewed by Micah Mattix
62     Godly Seed by Allan Carlson
reviewed by Russell D. Moore
65     Briefly Noted

67     Monks, Jesus’ budget, etc. by David Mills

72     Brilliantly Bad Books by David Bentley Hart

POETRY             Catharine Savage Brosman  (p. 22),
David Mason  (p. 31), Mary Drum  (p. 39), Carol A. Taylor (p. 52)

Near Eastern Archaeology Vol 75 No 3 (2012)

132 KARKEMISH ON THE EUPHRATES: Excavating a City’s History
Nicolo Marchetti and co-authors

The new Turkish-Italian excavations  at Karkem­ ish, one of the  most  important urban sites  of the ancient Near East, will add significant evidence to our knowledge of the city’s history and regional context. This article  gives an overview  of previous excava­ tions of the city and the current project, its history, new epigraphic evidence, and the material culture of the urban elite. It also informs about surveying tech­ niques used at Karkemish  and the 3-D scanning of sculptures and inscriptions.

William Foxwell Albright’s Biblical Archaeology
Peter Feinman

The full story of William Foxwell Albright’s introduction to biblical archaeology is not simply an archaeological one.  While  the story of the young child reading  an archaeology book in Chile is part of Albright lore, the other  influences  affecting him during his parents’ mission there are less well known. Similarly, life in Iowa when the Albrights  returned  to America has been  a lacuna in his legacy. This article seeks to fill that gap by examining Methodist Albright’s life within the Catholic context of both Chile and Iowa in the 1890s and early 1900s. As will be seen, the Methodist languag of Catholic condemnation  in these two locations bears a striking resemblance to the condemnations of the Canaanites later expressed in biblical archaeology.

162 THE QARQUR CHALLENGE: Middle Islamic through Iron Age
Rudolph H. Dornemann
The American  Schools of Oriental Research exca­ vations at Tell Qarqur  provide a major challenge for participating archaeologists. Natural and human disruption forces consistent patience to piece together a complicated  puzzle of more than 7,500 years. Col­ lections of Early Bronze IV, Iron Age I, and Iron Age II materials are significant, but good Middle Bronze Age, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Middle Islamic, and early Mamluk materials have also been excavated.  Promise  of much more has been found, suggesting a sequence from Early Bronze III back to the Neolithic  and hints  of documentation for criti­ cal periods such as Middle Bronze I and Late Bronze II. The expedition works to place Tell Qarqur  in its regional context,  focusing  particularly on paleobo­ tanical and paleozoological materials. Recent efforts in using  geophysical prospection provide  a more complete understanding of the site.  This first of two articles  examines the Islamic  through Iron  I finds from Tell Qarqur.

NEW FIELDWORK AT ABYDOS:The Toronto Votive Zone Project
Mary-Ann Pouls Wegner

In 2011, archaeological  fieldwork was resumed  at the votive zone adjacent to the main temple of Osiris at Ab’ydos. The article focuses on new discoveries at the zone, such  as a monumental structure indicating the state’s involvement in the development  of the zone, and evidence  for the use of a Middle  Kingdom  offer­ ing chapel until more than 1500 years after its erection. The article also highlights  remarkable artifacts  recov­ ered – the remains of a wooden figure of a hawk’s head that likely formed  the aegis of a barque-shrine, and a rare example of a royal wooden  statue that may depict Hatshepsut – and discusses  the ceremonial landscape and its cultural significance.

How Will Declining Religious Literacy
in the United States Affect Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology? Some Thoughts from the Front Lines
Leann Pace

Ancient Cities: The Archaeology of Urban Life in the Ancient Near East and Egypt, Greece, and Rome
Daniel Pioske

The Dead Sea Scrolls and Contemporary Culture: Proceedings of the International Conference  held at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem (July 6-8, 2008)
Jason Kalman

The Expository Times Vol 123 No 1

Witnessing God in the Midst of Life: Old Testament Preaching
Ellen F. Davis

Norman Porteous and Germany: For Rudolf Smend in Gottingen at 80
Gareme Auld

Habakkuk: A Guide to Prayer
Kathleen Rochester

Books of the Month
Inscribing the text: Sermons and Prayers of Walter Brueggemann
Walter Brueggemann
And God Spoke to Abraham: Preaching from the Old Testament
FLeming Rutledge, Alison Jack

Christian Education Journal Series 3, Vol. 9, No. 2 Fall 2012

275 ………Editorial:Teaching Educational Ministry Leaders
Kevin E. Lawson, Editor


279 ……Deuteronomy 32 and Anointed Teaching: Bearing Fruits of Liberation, Celebration and Sustenance Robert W. Pazmifio

293 ………….The Relationship between Youth Ministry Participation and Faith Maturity of Adolescents:Testing for Faith-Nurturing Characteristics in Youth Ministry as a Mediator using Multiple Regression
Karen Choi

309 ………..Christian Nurture and Conversion:A Conversation between Horace Bushnell and John Wesley Mark A. Maddix

326 ……………Reading the Old Testament as Story:
A Pedagogy for Spiritual Formation
David Brisben & Amelia Klein

342 …………………..Guest Editorial:The Profession of Teaching Christian Education
James Estep, Jr.

345 ………………………….Learning that Transforms: For the Sake of His Kingdom
Rhonda M. McEwen

357 …………………Active Learning Techniques in the Christian Education Classroom and in Ministry Contexts Kenneth S. Coley

372 ………….Generating and Facilitating Effective Online Learning Through Discussion
Mark A. Maddix

386 ……………….An Integrative Model for E-Mentoring Christian Education Students
Steve Mullen

396 ………………………Adjunct Faculty Embraced:The Institution’s Responsibility
Dawn R. Morton

408  …………………….The Ministry of … Grading?
Richard Ramsey


420  ……………….2012 NAPCE Scholastic Recognition Award Recipients


422  ………………………….Book Reviews
Jane Carr, Review Editor

Books Reviewed in This Issue:
422  …… .Children’s ministry that fits: Beyond one-sized-fits-all.  By David Csinos. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock. 2011.

426 ………..Alone together: Why we expect more from technology and less from each other. By Sherry Turkle. New York: Basic Books. 2011.

430   …… .Discipleship that transforms: An introduction to Christian education from a Wesleyan holiness perspective. Edited by John H. Aukerman. Anderson, IN: Frances Asbury Press. 2011.

432   ………. .Living into the life of Jesus: The formation of Christian character.
By Klaus Issler. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press. 2012.

435 …….. .Beyond integration? Inter/Disciplinary  possibilities for the future of Christian higher education. Edited by Todd C. Ream, Jerry Pattengale, and David L. Riggs. Abilene, TX: Abilene Christian  University Press. 2012.

438 ….. .So what makes our teaching Christian? Teaching in the name, spirit, and power of Jesus.  By Robert W. Pazmifio. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock. 2008.

441  …….Maximum faith: Live like Jesus.
By George Barna. Ventura, CA: Metaformation. 2011.

443  …….Godly conversation: Rediscovering the Puritan practice of conference. By Joanne J. Jung. Grand Rapids, MI: Reformation  Heritage Books. 2011.

447  …………….Hungry souls, holy companions: Mentoring a new generation of Christians. By Patricia Hendricks. Harrisburg, PA: Morehouse  Publishing. 2006.

451 ………. .Leaders in the crossroads: Success and failure in the college presidency. By Stephen J. Nelson. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Education. 2009.

456  ……………………………….Book Review Area Editors List

Baptist Quaterly Vol 44 No. 8 Oct. 2012

EDITORIAL      450

Colin  Mason  451

Stanley  J. Grenz’s Baptist, Trinitarian Innovation
Jason S. Sexton   473

The Work of William Carey in Postcolonial Perspective                                       Nicholas J. Wood  487

REVIEWS:  Peter   Shepherd,  Stephen   Copson,  Christopher  Ellis,   John
Briggs,  Raymond Brown,  Brian  Haymes,  John  E. Colwell           486,  503ff

SOCIETY NOTES                       449, 472, 511, back cover in and outside

Christian Counseling Today Vol 19 Vol 3

13  Just One Click Away
by Josh McDowelL The shady world of Internet  pornography, cybersex, graphic imagery and sexual addiction  are now at epidemic levels. With  a single keystroke, today’s youth  remain among the most vulnerable according to cultural expert, Josh McDowell. Outlined  are five important steps to combat this growing threat

18 The Altered Self: Fantasy and Affairs
by Linda Mintle. The anonymity  of the online world can create havoc within  marital relationships, sometimes leading to affairs and divorce. Marriage and family therapist, Linda Minde,  discusses the pitfalls associated with many of these social networking sites and offers 20 guidelines to help protect couples.

25 The Digital Addiction Invasion
by Archibald Hart and Sylvia Frejd Relationships, life experiences, cultural dynamics and faith all help shape and mold us. Archibald Hart and Sylvia Frejd would add the technology revolution to that list. However, one disturbing  trend includes digital addictions and their aftermath. The authors examine diagnostic and treatment  considerations.

28 Examining the heart of Social Media: Let’s just be “Friends”
by Kevin Corsini.
The Internet  and various social media platforms are having a profound  effect on relational dynamics. Emerging technologies offer numerous benefits, but also come with potential risks. Kevin Corsini explores the impact of social media on intimacy and marriage

34 Online Gambling: Opening Pandora’s Box
by Gregory Jantz. The lure of a Las Vegas type adrenaline rush has not escaped the online world, and millions are now under the seductive influence of Internet gambling. Gregory Jantz shares current  research and statistics, typical client profiles seen within  this digital reality, and treatment strategies

38  dot.com Dating: Is Online Romance for You?
by Les and Leslie Parrott. Dating,  courting and romance are shedding some of their traditional features and steadily incorporating Internet-based  approaches. As with any environment, there are both advantages and pitfalls. Relationship specialists, Les and Leslie Parrott, discuss common  questions, cautionary tips and ways to keep the process spiritually balanced.

43 Remember When We Used to Talk? Social Media and the New Family Dynamic
by Chap and Dee Clark. As the foundational structure  of the family undergoes a metamorphosis,  the manner in which members communicate and connect is also being redefined. The realities associated with social media are here to stay. Chap and Dee Clark outline  two key considerations regarding how  to respond to these challenges.

46  What’s New in Therapy Apps?
by Mark McMinn.
Effectively tracking therapeutic outcomes is important in determining the efficacy of certain evidence-based approaches. Technology has provided the mental health community with new and innovative digital applications. Mark McMinn  discusses the development  of the holistic Christian Counseling Tracker as another  helpful tool for clinicians.

48 The eCounseling World: The Changing Face of Mental Health
by Eric Scalise. The future of online therapy is here and the next generation is already wired into the vast array of digital options. Eric Scalise shares the strengths of this developing trend, challenges
and necessary adjustments  for clinicians, and marketing strategies to help ensure success

52 Trending Online: A look into the Growth and Development of Liberty University’s Counselor Education Programs
by Ron Hawkins.
Distance education  has exploded onto the academic scene and now accounts for one of the fastest growing segments of undergraduate  and graduate programs. Practical tips and lessons learned from the phenomenal success of Liberty University are shared by Vice Provost, Ron Hawkins.

55 Gamer Generation: Facts and Figures
by Gary Foster. The  cyber revolution has not only filtered down into social media, academic, business and entertainment environments,  but also expanded into online gaming. The statistics illuminate some interesting trends and Gary Foster provides a snapshot of the typical user and what this means for a growing industry.

Counseling Today Vol 55 No. 4 Oct. 2012

Cover Story
28    Where East meets West
By Lynne Shallcross
Eastern and Western perspectives on counseling may differ, but professionals say the respective approaches often can be blended to the benefit of clients.

38    Preparing for the final chapter
By Lynne Shallcross
Whether clients are knowingly approaching the end of life or simply contemplating their mortality, counselors can provide support,  both emotional  and practical.

46    ACA keynote speakers view counseling process from different angles
By Heather  Rudow
Actress Ashley Judd and counselors Allen Ivey and Mary Bradford Ivey promise to challenge and inspire attendees of the ACA 2013 Conference  & Expo in Cincinnati.

49    Addressing challenging behaviors forindividuals with autism spectrum disorders
By Chris Mann  Sullivan
Behavior therapy is often a small part of counselor training  programs, but learning how to apply basic behavioral principles as a community or school counselor can be vitally important to individuals with autism spectrum  disorders and their families.

54    Simple therapeutic interventions for rewiring the maladaptive brain
By Nicholette Leanza
Understanding the biology of the human  brain helps counselors to see how and why people change and gives guidance in setting up conditions  to nurture  that change.

56    A life of promise cut short
By Heather Rudow
Friends, family and professors remember emerging counselor and ACA member
Alex Teves as a kind of everyday “superhero.”

52    Q&A with ACA presidential-elect candidates

Christian Educators Journal Vol 52 No.1 Oct. 2012

4    The Beauty of Diversity and the Problem of Multiculturalism
Paul Fessler
7    What Trips Up Our Leaders?
Rod Berg
10    It Takes a Village to Raze a Child
Meredith  K C. Hoogendam
14    Chapel Planning and Leading
Kristen Verhulst
21    Educating in the Shadow of Marduk’s  Temple
Mark Glanville

Gary VanArragon     2
A Dangerous Teacher
Gary L. Riggins     28
Sowing the Unknown
Jane Reitsma Hoogendam     29
P@NEL.EDU Professional Learning Communities     31
Giving 110 Percent and Other Lies
Jan Kaarsvlam     34

Caring for Words in a Culture of Lies
reviewed by Christina Belcher    25

New Testament Studies Vol 58 No 4 Oct. 2012

Geweißte Grabmäler.
Motivkritische Anmerkungen zu Mt 23.27-28

Der Blick durch die enge Tür: Lk 13.22-30 im architekturgeschichtlichen Kontext der stadtischen domus

Les récits synoptiques de la Passion préservent-ils une couche narrative composée à la veille de la Grande Revolte Juive?

EΧXληδíα Τον ΘεΟν :The ‘Church  of God’ and the Civic Assemblies (èxxληοíα) of the Greek Cities in the Roman Empire: A Response to Paul Trebilco and Richard A. Horsley

ALEXANDER N. KIRK Building with the Corinthians: Human  Persons as the Building Materials of 1 Corinthians 3.12 and the ‘Work’ of 3.13-15

MICHAEL BACHMANN Identität bei Paulus: Beobachtungen am Galaterbrief [571-597]

Books Received 2011-12