International Journal of Frontier Missiology Vol 29 No 1

Interpreting Religion
3    From the Editor’s Desk Brad Gill
Penetrating Buddhism

5   Evangelical Missiology and Theology of Religions: An Agenda for the Future Harold Netland
Do new conditions warrant new skepticism of religious difinitions?

13 Religious Demography and Mission Strategy Todd M.Johnson and Albert W Hickman
Strategists take note-the numbers add up to some surprises.

23 The Inter-Religious Frontier: A “Christian-Buddhist” Contribution Kang-San Tan
Can believers retrieve and reintegrate elements from their ”other” religious past?

33 Spirit House: The Practice of Rean Theivoda in Cambodia
Daniel Shinjong Baeq
Where do they go from here?

Book Reviews
47 Doug Coleman Responds to Bradford Greer’s Critique of A Theological Analysis of the Insider Movement Paradigm from Four Perspectives: Theology of Religions, Revelation, Soteriology and Ecdesiology

In Others’ Words
54 “The Art of Communication” “Muslim Demographics” “The Ethics of Witness to Other Religions” “Translating God and Allah”


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