Leadership Vol 33 No 4

22-Essentials of Ministry
And the distractions that pull us away …
by Bob Goodsell,Alex Gee,Jr., Matt Arndt,Dale Chapin

27-Fireworks or a Candle?
A Spanish pastor’s reflections on the work that  lasts.
by Juan Luis Navajo

29-Our Presumptuous Calling
Who am I to teach all nations  and feed Jesus’ sheep?
by John Ortberg

34-To Serve and Protect
How pastors  guard the flock.
by Gordon MacDonald

39-Finding God’s Will Together
How to help a group discern God’s leading.
by Ruth Haley Barton

43-Building a Battle-Ready Team
Three questions  to determine whether someone is a good team player.
by Michael Cheshire

47-More than a Message
Our churches  need to see us live out the gospel, not just  talk about it.
by Timothy Morey

51-Practicing what I Preach
When I saw our church’s lack of adult conversions, I made a personal commitment to evangelism.
by Kelly Brady

53-The Essence of a Pastor
Five pastors  share stories  about the core of their calling.
by Perry Noble,David Swanson, Lillian Daniel,J. R. Woodward, Ed Brown

77-Balancing Acts
What it takes to get ministry right
An interview with Tim Keller and Andy Stanley

85-Lessons from the Joshua Tree
Nurturing a church plant in tough, really rough soil.
By Bert Crabbe

89-Ministering to Mormons
Reaching Mormons demands understanding their theology and culture.
An interview with Steve Bennetsen





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