The Christian Century Vol 129 No 22 Oct. 2012

6    Letters: Taking it to the streets
7    Stump Sermons: The Editors: Politicized or politically  aware?
8    CenturyMarks
Learning to love the world, etc.
10    Recovering Kindness
Christine D. Pohl: An urgent virtue in a ruthless world
12    Our Ragged Church
Deb Richardson-Moore:  A homeless mission in the city
22    Fit for Ministry
Amy Frykholm: Addressing the crisis in clergy health
26    Open door for terrorism
Isaac Mwangi: Christian-Muslim tensions in Kenya
30    Defining the middle
Steve Thorngate: The rhetoric and reality of class

14        The rise of the ‘nones’;
NCC envisions itself as smaller, more agile;
Unitarian Universalists see opportunity for growth;
Non-Muslims send help   after mosque is damaged

34       Books
Jonathan L.Walton: The Color of Christ, by Edward J. Blum
and Paul Harvey
Jason Byassee: And God Spoke to Abraham, by Fleming
Jon M.Sweeney: Saints As They Really Are, by Michael Plekon
Valerie Weaver-Zercher: The Book of Mormon Girl,
by Joanna Brooks

42       Media
Beth Felker Jones: Pinterest and porn
47        Art
Lil Copan:Girt, by Lanie Gannon

3         Editor’s Desk
John M. Buchanan: Faulty assumptions

20,  21  Living by the Word
Heidi Neumark

33       Faith Matters
Stephanie Paulsen: Saints and doubters

45       Notes from the Global Church
Philip Jenkins:The African mainstream


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