WORLD Vol 27 No 22

2 Decision time
Sinful humans with all our quirks will decide who controls the White House and Congress. But under a sovereign God, the election is no crapshoot

46 Hoosier spite Republican chances of taking the Senate aren’t being helped by 36-year Senate veteran Dick Lugar’s grudge against the primary  opponent who dared defeat him

50 Tea Party tests Races in Virginia and Illinois will show how deep the roots of the 2010 House election have gone

54 Revenge of the over-regulated
Republicans, pointing to the success of free market policies in Virginia, are poised to make historic gains in governorships across the country

58 Taking the initiative
A slew of marriage votes leads the list of ballot measures across the country in November

64 Not forsaken
A sharp increase in violence against Christians worldwide brings renewed urgency to the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

70 Clinical analysis The 2012 election  will have a deep impact  on charity healthcare  clinics in the United States. But the uninsured, and the need for these clinics, we will always have with us

72 A calling to care Volunteer doctors, nurses, and dentists  fill a crucial role in providing healthcare  to the needy, especially  when licensing and liability laws provide for their needs

80 Patient dedication Charity clinics often focus on changing unhealthy behavior, but it takes a long-term outlook and patients who want to change


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