Christian Century Vol 129 No 23

6    Letters
Saved by reading
7    Short shrift in a long campaign
The Editors: What wasn’t talked about
8    CenturyMarks
Ministry of presence, etc.
10     Inconvenient solidarity
Lillian Daniel: Religion professors support a hotel boycott
12     Let the children lead
Susan Steinberg: A changed view of ministry
22    Beyond anger and blame
Allan Rohlfs: How to achieve constructive conflict
26    The poor are still with us
Amy Frykholm: Peter Edelman, policy advocate
30     What makes a Baptist?
S. Mark Heim: The global and local believer’s church

14     Southern diocese leaving Episcopal Church; McGovern was Methodist advocate of Social Gospel; Backing Romney, Graham alters stance on Mormons; Ordination of women is a mistake, say Adventists

36       Books
John Fea: Roger Williams and the Creation of the American
Soul, by John M. Barry
Martin B.Copenhaver: Called to Lead, by Anthony B.
Robinson and Robert W. Wall
Bruce G.Epperly: Living the Questions, by David M. Felten and Jeff Procter-Murphy

43       Media
Kathryn Reklis:The lure of Mormon romance

47       Art
Lois Huey-Heck:Measuring  a Year by the Minute,
by Margie Davidson

3         Editor’s Desk
John M. Buchanan: Duty and delight
20,  21  Living by the Word
Stephen Fowl
35       Faith Matters
M. Craig Barnes: Leaving and grieving

45       American Soundings
Rodney Clapp: Personal soundtrack

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