New Yorker Vol 88 No 35

Wendell Steavenson    32  LETTER. FROM CAIRO
Two Revolutions Women in the new Egypt.
Ian Frazier    39  SHOUTS & MURMURS
All Mine
Judith Thurman     40 ON AND OFF THE AVENUE
Ask Betty
The sage  Bergdoif Goodman.
Alex Ross    44   A CRITIC AT LARGE
Love on the March
America’s gay-rights journey.
Burkhard Bilger    54  PROFILES
The Rhythm in Everything
Questlove’s rise to prominence.
David Gilbert    66   FICTION

Sasha Frere-fones    74  POP MUSIC
Paloma Faith, Cockney chanteuse.
Louis Menand    77  Anne Applebaum’s ”Iron Curtain.”
85   Briefly Noted
86  Fifty years of Louise Gluck.

Dan Chiasson  90   THE THEATRE “The Heiress.”
Alex Ross    92  MUSICAL EVENTS
Doings in Donaueschingen.
David Denby    94  THE CURRENT CINEMA
“Flight,” “Skyfall”


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