CounselingToday Vol 55 No 6

26    The recipe for truly great counseling
Compiled by Lynne Shallcross
Many of today’s leading counselors say it,pays to never stop examining which ingredients  are truly vital to the essence and,effectiveness of counseling.

34    Knowledge Share
Understanding bulimic dissociation to create new pathways for change
By Rebecca Heselmeyer  & Eric W. Cowan
Given the extensive research on eating disorders, motivated  clients and a gold standard  treatment -cognitive behavior therapy-it is perplexing that recidivism rates remain so high for bulimia.

38    Knowledge Share
Alcohol screening and brief counseling interventions for trauma unit patients
By Nathaniel  N. Ivers & Laura J. Veach
Naysayers question whether anyone will really make changes to their drinking habits after just one counseling session, but there is growing evidence that counselors and their unique set of skills can provide an invaluable service in hospital trauma  units.

42    Opinion
A new view of evidence-based practice
By Stanley B. Baker
Do a larger volume of counseling practice evaluations need to be addressed via the action research paradigm and conducted  by counselor practitioners?

46    Extras
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