Trinity Journal Vol 35 No 2

175-179   Robert Priest
Building a Bridge to Somewhere
181-197   Greg R. Scharf
“Double Listening” Revisited: Hearing Listeners without Compromising Faithfulness
to the Biblical Text

199-207  Robertson J. McQuilkin
Exegeting the Audience

209-222 Rochelle L. Cathcart
Culture Matters: How Three Effective Preachers (Tim Keller, Rob Bell, Father Pffleger) Engage Culture in the Preaching Event

223-233 Victor D. Anderson
Tuning Sermons for Different Ears: Help for Sermon Design from Socio-Linguists

235-246 David J. Hesselgrave
Sensitivity in Preaching Wrath and Judgement: Contextualization of Roland Allen’s  “Full Gospel” for Japanese Buddhists

247-256   Del Tarr
Narrative: Tripping the Memory Banks of the Audience

259-271    Mooyoung Lim
Preaching and Culture: A Phenonmenological Study of Korean American Immigrant Church Pastors’ Communication Skills in a Changing Culture

273-284    Woosung Calvin Choi
A Multiperspectival Approach: Preaching to the Multiethnic Congregation

285-294  Recent PhD Dissertations at TEDS
295-340  Book Reviews
341-344  Books Received


Expository Times Vol 123 No 9

Francis J. Moloney,
Recent Johannine Studies: Part Two: Monographs            417

Wally V. Cirafesi, ‘To  Fall Short’ or ‘To Lack’? Reconsidering the Meaning      429
and Translation of ‘ΥΣΤΕΡΕΩ’ in Romans 3.23

Dietrich Werner, 435
International  Ecumenical Networking and Exchange of Resources in Theological Education: Two  Innovative  Models  from the World Council of Churches

Roy Long, Life Together: Christian Ministry in Tomorrow’s  World            440

Book of the Month                                    442
Peter Hayes & John  K. Roth (eds)
The Oxford  Handbook  of Holocaust Studies
K. Hannah  Holtschneider

Worship  Resources
Sermons  for the Christian Year                            444
Alan Le Grys, 1st July: Proper 8                            446
Marilyn  McCord  Adams, 8th July: Proper 9           448
John  Bollan, 15th July: Proper 10                         450
Janet Wooton, 22nd July: Proper 11                       452
Matthew  Anstey, 29th July: Proper 12                   455
David Taylor, All-Age Worship  Resources  for July
Book reviews                                                       459
Index of Books  Reviewed                                   467
John Bell, And Finally …                                     468

Biblical Archaeology Review Vol 39 No. 1 January/February 2013

Art as Bible Interpretation
STRATA      12
Jewish Captives in the Imperial City
The End of an Era
Ancient Worship in Israel­ Before the Israelites
Site of Samaritan Temple Open to Public
A House Divided
IAA’s New Archaeological Campus Begins to Rise

Biblical Widows-Groveling Grannies or Teaching Tools?
Robin Gallaher Branch

Jerusalem in Her Own Words
Jonathan  J. Price

Samson in the Synagogue               32
Jodi Magness
Carved stones scattered around the site hinted at the presence of an ancient synagogue at Huqoq, but exactly where was it located? The search took a surprising turn when excavators revealed a beautiful woman’s face in the dirt.

Who Was Buried in the Tomb of Pharaoh’s Daughter?                40
For centuries, Jerusalem’s Tomb of Pharaoh’s Daughter has captured the attention of explorers and archaeologists alike. Tradition, Egyptian decorations and a captivating name have ?purred speculation about the original occupant of this First Temple period monument. A Jerusalem archaeologist investigates the question-whose tomb was it?

The Diggers ReturnNoah Wiener                  51
Fieldwork invigorates archaeologists as they experience the thrills of discovery, travel and camaraderie. While some volunteers create lifelong memories in a single season, many others return year after year to dig deeper into the ancient world and their site. Our annual guide to excavations will help you find your dig.

In the Beginning:Religion at the Dawn of CivilizationBen Witherington III     57
Which came first-villages or religion? Until recently, experts thought they knew the answer: Agriculture and human settlement in villages gave rise to religious practices. But now, an astonishing site in southeastern  Turkey may be turning that theory on its head, revealing that religion was already part of the human experience at the dawn of civilization.

Southern Baptist Journal of Theology Vol 16 No 3

The Gospel of Luke

2  Editorial: Stephen J. Wellum
Reading Luke’s Passion Narrative in Light of the Whole Story

4 Douglas S. Huffman
Receiving Jesus as Messiah King: A Synoptic Study on the Way to Luke’s Triumphal Entry Account

18  Robert H. Stein
Jesus, the Destruction ofJerusalem, and the Coming of the Son of
Man in Luke 21:5-38

28  John Kimbell
Jesus’ Death in Luke-Acts: The New Covenant Sacrifice

50 Lee Tankersley
“Thus It Is Written”: Redemptive History and Christ’s Resurrection on the Third Day

62  Everett Berry
The Destruction of Jerusalem and the Coming of the Son:
Evangelical Interpretations of the Olivet Discourse in Luke

76 Book Reviews

Journal of Psychology and Christianity Vol 31 No 3

Professional Opportunities…….1

195    Measuring Protestant Christians’ Willingness to Seek Professional Psychological Help for  Mental Illness: A Rasch Measurement Analysis
Kenneth D. Royal and Juan Michael Thompson

205    Measuring Spirituality in Children
Sarah K. Sifers, Jared S. Warren, and  Yo Jackson

215    Explaining the Wind: How  Self-Identified Born Again  Christians Define What Born Again Means to Them
Jobn D. Foubert, Angela Watson, Matthew Brosi, and  Dale Fuqua

227    Faith Practices and Life Stress: An Exploratory Study of Parishioners Within the  Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
Thomas M. Crea

242    Catholic Annulment, an Opportunity for  Healing and Growing: Providing Support in Counseling
Jill D. Duba and  Richard F. Ponton

253    Clinical Appraisal of Spirituality: In Search of Rapid Assessment Instruments (RAIs) for  Christian Counseling
Stephen P. Greggo and Kmyn Lawrence

Clinician’s Columns:
267    Dynamic Pedagogy and Teaching Techniques for  the Passionate Educator.
Nick Togle and Elisabeth Suarez

272    Existential Therapy: Empirical Evidence and Clinical Applications from a Christian Perspective
Siang-Yang  Tan and Timothy K. Wong

278    Opposite-Gender Identity States in Dissociative Identity Disorder: Psychodynamic Insights into a Subset of Same-Sex Behavior and Attractions
Christopher H. Rosik

Christian Scholar’s Review Vol 42 No 1

11    ELIZABETH  BACKFISH,  “My God is a Rock in a Weary Land”: A Comparison of the Cries and Hopes of the Psalms and African American Slave Spirituals
29    RicK  KENNEDY, Educating Bees: Humility as a Craft  in Classical and
Christian  Liberal Arts
43    GRETCHEN ScHWARZ AND  JrLL  MARTIN, Comenius: Dead White Guy for Twenty-first  Century Education

Popular Music in Conversation with Christian Faith

69    KATHERINE  E. LouGHEAD AND KEVIN  R. DEN DULK, Honoring God in Red and Blue

77     ALVIN  PLANTINGA, Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion, qnd Naturalism
Reviewed by Brian Clenney
79     JAY RILEY CASE, An Unpredictable Gospel: American Evangelicals and World Christianity, 1812-1920
Reviewed by Douglas Jacobsen
Worship Across the Racial Divide: Religious Music and the Multiracial Congregation
Reviewed by Todd E. Johnson
85    RICHARD J. MOUW, ABRAHAM KUYPER: A Short and Personal Introduction
Reviewed by David McNutt
2    88    KEN ALBALA AND TRUDY EDEN (ws), Food and Faith in Christian Culture
Reviewed by David Grumett
91    JoHN  SULLIVAN  (ED.), Communicating  Faith
Reviewed by Christine J. Gardner
93    MICHAEL PASQUALE AND NATHAN L. K. BIERMA, Every Tribe and Tongue: A Biblical Vision for Language and Society
Reviewed by Michael Lessard-Clouston
97    PETER ENNS, The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say about Human Origins
Reviewed by Matthew Emile Vaughan

Journal of Creation Vol 26 No 3

3     Further evidence of only  one large lake Missoula flood
Michael J. Oard
5     New science on  the  young sun, and Earth migration
Wayne Spencer
8     ‘Feathered’ dinos-no feathers after all!
Jonathan Sarfati
11     The  power of evolution in ‘feathered dinosaurs’
Michael J. Oard
12     Mercury’s crust  is magnetized-more evidence for a young solar system
D. Russell  Humphreys
15     The  puzzle of disharmonious associations during the  Ice Age
Michael J. Oard

18     The search for  meaning, and what it means
Daniel Davidson
A review  of Surprised by Meaning: Science1 Faith, and  How We Make Sense of Things by Alister E. McGrath
21     Dalai Lama-Nobel laureate Darwinism critic
Jerry Bergman
A review  of The Universe in a Single Atom
by Tenzin Gyatso
25     Who  is being divisive about creation?
Lito Cosner
A review  of Seven Days that Divide  the World
by John Lennox
29     A theistic paleontologist with  dubious theology and little better science
John Woodmorappe
A review  of Evolution and  Belief: Confessions of a Religious Paleontologist
by Robert J. Asher
34     A lesson in rational thinking
Andrew S.  Kulikovsky
A review  of An Appeal to Reason: A Cool Look at Global Warming
by Nigel  Lawson

38     The authoritative dinosaur book
Brian Thomas
A review  of Dinosaur Challenges and  Mysteries
by Michael J. Oard

40     The Holocaust-Darwinists tried and found guilty
Jerry Bergman
A review  of Deadly Medicine: Creating the  Master Race
by Dieter  Kuntz (Ed.)

43     Is the  earth still  underpopulated?
Anthony Smith. Reply: Andrew Kulikovsky
43   Creation and the  courtroom-what is the right strategy?
Shoun Doyle. Reply: Rachael Denhollander
45    An impact Flood submodel-dealing with issues
Rod Bernitt. Reply: Michael J. Oard
46     A new magnetic field theory and Flood model
Lance Reece.  Reply: Don Stenberg
47     Could most of the earth’s U, Th, and K have been in the mantle prior to the Flood?
John Baumgardner.  Reply: Don Stenberg

50     ‘Ancient’ coral growth layers
Robert W Carter
54     The evolutionary paradox of the Roraima pollen of South America is still not solved Emil Silvestru
60     Vas deferens-refuting ‘bad design’ arguments
E. van Niekerk

68    Do radioisotope methods yield trustworthy relative ages for the earth’s rocks?
John Baumgardner
76     Recent challenges to natural selection
Phil Gaskill  and Brian Thomas
79     ‘The Queen of the South’ is ‘the Queen of Egypt’
David Austin
85     Egyptian coins in the time of Joseph
Patrick Clarke

92     William Robin Thompson-creation scientist
Jerry Bergman
95        Creationism and millennialism among the Church Fathers
Andrew Sibley
101     Information Theory-part 1: overview of key ideas
Royal Truman
107     Information Theory-part 2: weaknesses in current conceptual frameworks
Royal Truman
115     Information Theory-part 3: introduction to Coded Information Systems
Royal Truman
120   Is plate tectonics really occurring today?
Michael  J. Oard