WORLD Vol 27 No 25

36 Remember those who are in prison
It’s a new day for China’s Communist leadership, but not for the dissidents the government imprisons. They linger in remote jails, beaten, forgotten, and cut off from work, fellowship, friends, and family. WORLD’s 2012 Daniels of the Year are these outspoken Chinese Christians and their long-suffering loved ones

46 Mistakes were made
Despite his election  victory, President  Obama and other officials face hard questions over Benghazi attack

48 Conservative insider
PAUL TELLER directs the Republican Study Committee at a pivotal post-election time

52 Standing with the brethren
A group of Nigerian-Americans organizes to support violence­ plagued Christians in Nigeria

56 Back to the journalist’s lane
Exposing scandal takes perseverance and fortitude, but seeing our corruption leads to seeing God’s grace