The Christian Century Vol 129 No 25

6    Letters: Scholars and laborers

7    Demographic Turmoil:
The Editors: The shadow  of race

8    CenturyMarks
Christmas lament, etc.

10    Christmas unvarnished
Peter W. Marty: A savior  for a troubled world

11    New life without parole
Frank G. Honeycutt: Ministry behind bars

20    The CENTURY recommends
A special Christmas review of noteworthy books, music and film

28    Introverts Unite
Martin B. Copenhaver: An underappreciated personality type

32    Ministry in the 21st Century
An interview with Dennis Sanders

14     Fall of a warrior;
Cokesbury closes its stores as book buyers go online

38    Books
Jerome P. Baggett: The God Problem, by Robert Wuthnow
Edward J. Blum: The Long Walk to Freedom, edited by
Devon W. Carbado and Donald Weise
Barry Harvey: The Collected Sermons of Dietrich Bonhoeffer,
edited by Isabel Best

43     Media
Beth Felker Jones: Emerging as adults

47    Art
Lois Huey-Heck: Come Holy Spirit, by Tatiana Nikolova­ Houston

3     Editor’s Desk
John M. Buchanan: Revolutionary words

18, 19  Living by the Word
Thomas  Daniel

37    Faith Matters
Thomas  G. Long: Desperate  prayers

45    American Soundings
Rodney  Clapp: Discomfort food

10      Jerry L. Walls: Christmas Eve
12     Angela  Alaimo  O’Donnell: For shadowment: Villanelle for the solstice
Julie L. Moore: When the rain clears
Jerry L. Walls: Kant at the laundromat
Diane  G. Scholl: “Tired of the stench, Haitians burn bodies in plaza”