Journal of Creation Vol 26 No 3

3     Further evidence of only  one large lake Missoula flood
Michael J. Oard
5     New science on  the  young sun, and Earth migration
Wayne Spencer
8     ‘Feathered’ dinos-no feathers after all!
Jonathan Sarfati
11     The  power of evolution in ‘feathered dinosaurs’
Michael J. Oard
12     Mercury’s crust  is magnetized-more evidence for a young solar system
D. Russell  Humphreys
15     The  puzzle of disharmonious associations during the  Ice Age
Michael J. Oard

18     The search for  meaning, and what it means
Daniel Davidson
A review  of Surprised by Meaning: Science1 Faith, and  How We Make Sense of Things by Alister E. McGrath
21     Dalai Lama-Nobel laureate Darwinism critic
Jerry Bergman
A review  of The Universe in a Single Atom
by Tenzin Gyatso
25     Who  is being divisive about creation?
Lito Cosner
A review  of Seven Days that Divide  the World
by John Lennox
29     A theistic paleontologist with  dubious theology and little better science
John Woodmorappe
A review  of Evolution and  Belief: Confessions of a Religious Paleontologist
by Robert J. Asher
34     A lesson in rational thinking
Andrew S.  Kulikovsky
A review  of An Appeal to Reason: A Cool Look at Global Warming
by Nigel  Lawson

38     The authoritative dinosaur book
Brian Thomas
A review  of Dinosaur Challenges and  Mysteries
by Michael J. Oard

40     The Holocaust-Darwinists tried and found guilty
Jerry Bergman
A review  of Deadly Medicine: Creating the  Master Race
by Dieter  Kuntz (Ed.)

43     Is the  earth still  underpopulated?
Anthony Smith. Reply: Andrew Kulikovsky
43   Creation and the  courtroom-what is the right strategy?
Shoun Doyle. Reply: Rachael Denhollander
45    An impact Flood submodel-dealing with issues
Rod Bernitt. Reply: Michael J. Oard
46     A new magnetic field theory and Flood model
Lance Reece.  Reply: Don Stenberg
47     Could most of the earth’s U, Th, and K have been in the mantle prior to the Flood?
John Baumgardner.  Reply: Don Stenberg

50     ‘Ancient’ coral growth layers
Robert W Carter
54     The evolutionary paradox of the Roraima pollen of South America is still not solved Emil Silvestru
60     Vas deferens-refuting ‘bad design’ arguments
E. van Niekerk

68    Do radioisotope methods yield trustworthy relative ages for the earth’s rocks?
John Baumgardner
76     Recent challenges to natural selection
Phil Gaskill  and Brian Thomas
79     ‘The Queen of the South’ is ‘the Queen of Egypt’
David Austin
85     Egyptian coins in the time of Joseph
Patrick Clarke

92     William Robin Thompson-creation scientist
Jerry Bergman
95        Creationism and millennialism among the Church Fathers
Andrew Sibley
101     Information Theory-part 1: overview of key ideas
Royal Truman
107     Information Theory-part 2: weaknesses in current conceptual frameworks
Royal Truman
115     Information Theory-part 3: introduction to Coded Information Systems
Royal Truman
120   Is plate tectonics really occurring today?
Michael  J. Oard