Journal of Psychology and Christianity Vol 31 No 3

Professional Opportunities…….1

195    Measuring Protestant Christians’ Willingness to Seek Professional Psychological Help for  Mental Illness: A Rasch Measurement Analysis
Kenneth D. Royal and Juan Michael Thompson

205    Measuring Spirituality in Children
Sarah K. Sifers, Jared S. Warren, and  Yo Jackson

215    Explaining the Wind: How  Self-Identified Born Again  Christians Define What Born Again Means to Them
Jobn D. Foubert, Angela Watson, Matthew Brosi, and  Dale Fuqua

227    Faith Practices and Life Stress: An Exploratory Study of Parishioners Within the  Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
Thomas M. Crea

242    Catholic Annulment, an Opportunity for  Healing and Growing: Providing Support in Counseling
Jill D. Duba and  Richard F. Ponton

253    Clinical Appraisal of Spirituality: In Search of Rapid Assessment Instruments (RAIs) for  Christian Counseling
Stephen P. Greggo and Kmyn Lawrence

Clinician’s Columns:
267    Dynamic Pedagogy and Teaching Techniques for  the Passionate Educator.
Nick Togle and Elisabeth Suarez

272    Existential Therapy: Empirical Evidence and Clinical Applications from a Christian Perspective
Siang-Yang  Tan and Timothy K. Wong

278    Opposite-Gender Identity States in Dissociative Identity Disorder: Psychodynamic Insights into a Subset of Same-Sex Behavior and Attractions
Christopher H. Rosik