Southern Baptist Journal of Theology Vol 16 No 3

The Gospel of Luke

2  Editorial: Stephen J. Wellum
Reading Luke’s Passion Narrative in Light of the Whole Story

4 Douglas S. Huffman
Receiving Jesus as Messiah King: A Synoptic Study on the Way to Luke’s Triumphal Entry Account

18  Robert H. Stein
Jesus, the Destruction ofJerusalem, and the Coming of the Son of
Man in Luke 21:5-38

28  John Kimbell
Jesus’ Death in Luke-Acts: The New Covenant Sacrifice

50 Lee Tankersley
“Thus It Is Written”: Redemptive History and Christ’s Resurrection on the Third Day

62  Everett Berry
The Destruction of Jerusalem and the Coming of the Son:
Evangelical Interpretations of the Olivet Discourse in Luke

76 Book Reviews