Trinity Journal Vol 35 No 2

175-179   Robert Priest
Building a Bridge to Somewhere
181-197   Greg R. Scharf
“Double Listening” Revisited: Hearing Listeners without Compromising Faithfulness
to the Biblical Text

199-207  Robertson J. McQuilkin
Exegeting the Audience

209-222 Rochelle L. Cathcart
Culture Matters: How Three Effective Preachers (Tim Keller, Rob Bell, Father Pffleger) Engage Culture in the Preaching Event

223-233 Victor D. Anderson
Tuning Sermons for Different Ears: Help for Sermon Design from Socio-Linguists

235-246 David J. Hesselgrave
Sensitivity in Preaching Wrath and Judgement: Contextualization of Roland Allen’s  “Full Gospel” for Japanese Buddhists

247-256   Del Tarr
Narrative: Tripping the Memory Banks of the Audience

259-271    Mooyoung Lim
Preaching and Culture: A Phenonmenological Study of Korean American Immigrant Church Pastors’ Communication Skills in a Changing Culture

273-284    Woosung Calvin Choi
A Multiperspectival Approach: Preaching to the Multiethnic Congregation

285-294  Recent PhD Dissertations at TEDS
295-340  Book Reviews
341-344  Books Received