Christianity Today Vol 56 No 10

Honoring Faith in the Public Square    24
Let’s be frank: Religion in America really does enjoy ‘special privileges.’
Here are five reasons-plus one-why it should.
Wilfred McClay

Shari’ah’s Uphill Climb    30
Does Muslim law have a place in the American landscape?
John Witte Jr.

The Key to a Purposeful Life    36
It’s not imitating Christ, but union with him that makes the difference.
Sarah Lebhar Hall

What’s So Great About ‘The Common Good’?    40
Why Christians need to revive the historically rich phrase.
Andy Crouch

The Cutting Edge of Marketplace Ministries    44
How businesses are doing more holistic ministry than ever.
Amy L. Sherman

This (Ambiguous) Political Life        48
What it means for the church to be involved in politics.
John G. Stackhouse Jr.

The Mystic Baptist    52
Why megachurch pastor Charles Stanley has spent so much time in prayer his whole life
Interview by Mark GAlli

Where We Stand 63
Unfreezing the Middle East

The Village Green 64
Dan Kimball, Cheryl Sanders, and Winfield Bevins assess seminaries.

Wrestling with Angels 66
Carolyn Arends on creation/evolution.

Contra Mundum  68
Timothy George on the Pussy Riot controversy