Christianity Today Vol 57 No 1

Where’s Christian?        22
Interview by Gene Daniels      Inside the world of a Muslim follower of Isa.
The Hidden History of Insider Movements
How to Reach Muslims:Two Experts Debate

Faith in a Fallen Empire           32
Katelyn Beatty The list of Detroit’s maladies is long. But some Christians’ commitment to its renewal is longer.

Organic City             37
Melissa Steffan How Christian urban farmers are planting new life in Detroit’s vacated landscape.

Global Gospel Project         40
Election Is for Everyone
Roger Olson Salvation is never a human achievement.

God Between the Lines       48
Interview by Josh Peter  Poet Christian Wiman never lost the faith of his Baptist upbringing. It just lay dormant until love and cancer unearthed it.

Imprisoned By Choice         52
Barry Cooper   The false god of endless options, like those at a coffee­ house, is enslaving modern Americans. How to resist him.

The Gospel Hand-off           56
Adam & Christien Jeske  After a setback due to illness, one missionary couple had to give their ministry away. Why they’re happy about it.

The Great Tiny Baby Rescue              62
Karen Swallow Prior My journey to a Guatemalan village where starving children are rescued in a race to break the cycle of death