Counseling Today January 2013

Cover Story
34    Making life work
By Lynne Shallcross
Because personal and career issues are often tightly interwoven,  there is growing awareness that talk of ‘career’ should  permeate various counseling settings -and that effective career counseling doesn’t begin or end with helping clients find jobs.

42    Who’s taking care of Superman?
By Lynne Shallcross
Counselors need to reframe self-care not as a selfish act but rather as a valuable and necessary step in providing proper care to others.
By Robert A Dobmeier, Summer M. Reiner, Elaine J. Casquarelli & Kathleen M. Fallon

48    Knowledge Share: Overcoming teh schism between spiritual identity and sexual orientation
Counselors can feel torn about how to reconcile their own value systems when working with clients struggling to integrate spiritual and sexual identities that appear to be at odds.

54    Reader Viewpoint: Bringing abortion aftercare into the 21st century
By Trudy M. Johnson
In viewing abortion as a political, moral and legal issue, society does not acknowledge  the natural grief that many times follows an abortion choice, but
counseling professionals can step into that void.

58    Reader Viewpoint: School-based mental health services: What can the partnership look like?
By Christina Baker
As funding dollars diminish, the need increases for collaborative efforts between school systems and community mental health agencies.