P. 14    The purpose-driven actor
By Julie York Coppens
Daniel  Beaty  runs  his career on the  power of transformation

P. 20
Blow your  house down
By Bruce Miller
Asking  the  right  questions about a play

P. 28
Turn up the contrast
By Tim Grant
Select  audition monologues that showcase your  range

P. 32
The Ballad of 423 and 424
By Nicholas C. Pappas
A ten minute play  based  on Shakespeare’s 23rd sonnet

Journal 6
Portraits  of the  artists as young men.
By Jonathan Rand

New York   9
Broadway plumbs domestic conflict.
By Jeffrey Sweet

Strut and Fret   12
A college directory update, three  Thespian writing  contests, and  the Send  a Troupe to Festival campaign.

Books    40
Drama,  a graphic novel,  and  John Gielgud: Matinee Idol to Movie Star

Calendar    44
A roundup of educational theatre  events