First Things No 229

THE  PUBLIC  SQUARE     3     The Future of Marriage  by R. R. Reno

LETTERS    8    Conversion, Tilting titles, etc.
OPINIONS    19     Augustine in the Dust by David  Alexander
20     The Anxious Parent by David  Mills
22     Roe’s Pro-Life Legacy by Jon A. Shields
25     Jung’s Therapeutic Gnosticism
by David  Bentley Hart

33    Against Great Books
by Patrick J. Deneen

39    What Are Children For?
by Paige Hochschild

45    Witness Unto Death
by Peter]. Leithart

REVIEWS        51    Defending the Free Market  by Robert A. Sirico
reviewed by Edward  Skidelsky
53    It’s Even Worse than It Looks by Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein  reviewed by James  R. Rogers
55    Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith by Andrew Preston
reviewed by James  Nuechterlein
57    From Enemy to Brother by John Connelly
reviewed by Nicholas J. Healy Jr.
59    Peter Singer and Christian  Ethics by Charles C. Camosy
reviewed by Peter Wicks
61    Briefly Noted

WHILE WE’RE AT IT   64    New Yorkers, Martyrdom, etc. by David  Mills
THE  BACK PAGE    72    The Long March  Ahead by David  Bentley Hart
POETRY        Bob Gaskin (p. 16), Mark S. Bauer (p. 16), Bryce A. Taylor (p. 24), Burt Myer (p. 31), A. M. Juster     (p.38), Timothy Steele (p. 44), Timothy Murphy  (p. 50)