Expository Times Vol 124 No 4

157    Gavin Miller, Crossing the Border: pastoral theology and psychotherapy

166    Harm W. Hollander, Prophecy and Glossolalia and Paul’s Concern  for Order in the Christian Assembly
(1Cor 14.26-33a)

Books of the Month
174    Volkmar Fritz
The Emergence of Israel in the Twelfth and Eleventh Centuries B.C.E.
Erhard S. Gerstenberger
Israel in the Persian Period: The Fifth and Fourth Centuries B.C.E.
H. G. M. Williamson

Worship  Resources
Sermons  for the Christian Year
176    Rosemary King, 3rd February 3:4th after Epiphany
178    Derek Browning, 10th February: Transfiguration Sunday
180    Trevor Jamison, 17th February: 1st in Lent
182    Amy Richter, 24th February: 2nd in Lent
185    David Taylor, All-Age Worship  Resources  for February

189    Book Reviews
206    Index of Books  Reviewed
208    Michael Fuller, And Finally… Faith and evidence